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Don't Sleep on the Weekends - at Least When it Comes to Emailing

At an SIIA Boot Camp in Chicago one year, Tracy Samantha Schmidt, founder of TS Media, told us that she has had great success—an over-50% open rate—with a Sunday night newsletter or "memo” that goes to executives. "It takes two-minutes to read and we really think value,” she said. “CEOs are thinking about work at 7 pm on Sunday. I'm totally against putting everything on social media at 9 am Monday morning." Biggest lesson here—when it comes to modern-day marketing, don’t sleep on the weekends. In their latest survey, The Best Time to Send Emails (for Better Sales), Omnisend found that their lowest unsubscribe rates came on Sunday or Monday and their highest click-to-open rates on Saturday. Associations Now, one of the best email newsletters that I receive, has just started a "weekend edition." "This special series of Associations Now Daily News Weekend Editions features good reads on big issues facing associations today," they write ...


Mondays Aside, 8 am and 4 pm Test as Good Times to Send Promotions

The Boomtown Rats once sang (Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays. But I don’t think they were speaking about it from a publisher promotional point of view. Apparently, they could have been. According to The Best Time to Send Emails (for Better Sales) a new study by Omnisend, Monday is the worst day to send promotional emails, even worse than Saturday. Their examination of over 2 billion promotional campaigns confirmed that the best day to send promotional email is Thursday, followed by Tuesday. Here are some other data points from the study: Send Thursday morning. The optimal time for sending email newsletters—those that contain retail offers—is at 8 a.m., just before the workday starts. Those earned an average open rate of 20.32% and a click-through rate of 7.79%—and even more importantly, an average of eight orders per campaign. Thursday is the best day followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. If not early in day, ...