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SIIA Releases Brief on Algorithmic Fairness

Recent technological developments have led to the rise of “big data” analytics which include machine learning and artificial intelligence.  These new technologies will without question provide ample opportunity for growth for consumers, businesses, and the global economy as a whole.  As this technological evolution continues to take place, it does not come without some risk.   Over the last few years, algorithmic fairness, has become an issue of serious debate.  Most recently, Cathy O’Neil released a book titled, “Weapons of Math Destruction,” and Frank Pasquale published “The Black Box Society,” in which they look at issues of discrimination and the role that algorithms play in exacerbating discrimination.  SIIA responded to these works in a blog by saying that tech leaders must quickly act to ensure algorithmic fairness. To go even further, on Friday, November 04, 2016, SIIA released an issue brief on the topic ...


How Hanley Wood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ad Sales Data Bomb

It's what Prescott Shibles warned us about last year at the 2015 Connectiv Executive Summit when he said, "Targeting data will soon be worth more than advertising inventory." But for Hanley Wood, accepting and adapting to this change in buyer behavior became an opportunity to reverse engineer the formula to provide unique data points to advertisers, charge a premium for it and even boost performance on its own properties. 


SIIA to NTIA: Maintain Current Frameworks for Regulating the IoT

Today, SIIA submitted comments responding to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) request for comments concerning the benefits, challenges, and potential roles of government in fostering the Internet of Things (IoT).  


SSD Webcast | Data Transformation, Processing and Analytics

Data Transformation, Processing & Analytics

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Big data is transforming how companies manage, operate, analyze, and innovate.  With growing movements in every department toward more data-driven decision making, organizations often ask: how do I think about my Big Data project? What is the framework? Where is Big Data providing value to my organization today? And where should it drive value in 2016?


Data Analytics Improves Decisionmaking

A recent article in the New York Times raises the question: do algorithms discriminate?  The question is legitimate, but the emphasis is wrong.  Instead of thinking of data analytics as a problem, we need to welcome the new opportunities for improved decisionmaking that they enable.  And we need to cooperate to identify and address any disparate impacts data-driven decisionmaking might have.


The White House Releases a Sensible Report on Big Data and Differential Pricing

Earlier this week, the Executive Office of the President released a report on big data and differential pricing that is a sensible guide to a tricky topic. The main conclusions were that the use of big data for differential pricing doesn’t really raise any new policy issues.  It is not widespread, the practice has many consumer benefits, there is no evidence of real harm associated with the practice and hypothetical harms are covered under existing laws or are likely to be mitigated by consumer behavior such as seeking the best price.