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Social Media Platforms Continue to Innovate to Thwart Terrorist Propaganda

From its 1.15 billion mobile daily active users, 510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses and 136,000 photos flow through Facebook every 60 seconds. Unfortunately, some of this web traffic is driven by terrorist propaganda, as terrorist organizations increasingly look to use social media to spread their violent messages to broader-reaching audiences. For Facebook, it is impossible to comb through the vast amount of data that flows through Facebook daily in order to vet terrorist content without the help of technology. Like other social media and internet platforms, Facebook is increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist analysts in identifying and blocking terrorist propaganda.


Early Returns on Facebook's Instant Articles Indicate Good Cooperation

It has been about three months since Facebook's Instant Articles became a new platform for publishers to reach readers—first only those with iPhones but now Android users as well. There is a guide on Facebook on how to publish there—the easiest way to distribute Instant Articles is through a secure RSS feed. (Facebook is an SIIA member.)


Leading IT Companies Call for Global Gov. Surveillance Reform

On Monday, several of the largest and most popular IT service providers called for Global Government Surveillance Reform.  In a joint letter, AoL, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo called on the world’s governments to address the practices and laws regulating government surveillance of individuals and access to their information.