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As Mobile Rises, Sales Must Become More Collaborative and Varied

"An audience wants to know, 'Where am I going to make money?' Making money from external sponsors and advertisers is a huge relationship game. It's important to establish a revenue model beyond subscriptions and be specific in your planning. Being random costs you time, energy and money. Prospecting is a dying skillset, and it is so valuable to sales success."


Q&A with Ryan Dohrn, Founder, Brain Swell Media, Tulsa

SIPA: You've been doing this a while. RYAN DOHRN: Yes, this is my 25th year in the media business. I started building websites back 'in 97—in the equestrian marketplace, working with Morris communications. I launched the first sites for all their magazines. Forbes recognized us as Best of the Web for our creation and management of the award-winning Web portal that grew to over 200,000 active members.