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Not by Events Alone: How the New Questex is Tying Digital to Events and Seeing Double Digit Growth

For all the talk of digital transformation, the real transition for many B2B publishers was becoming events companies with media rather than media companies with events. Events typically offered better margins (especially attractive to PE-owners looking to boost revenue then flip for a tidy profit) and didn’t require the headaches of building infrastructure and new skills that digital demanded.


Executive Summit Preview: FreemanXP’s Dan Hoffend on How Events Are Now Data-Driven Too

Connectiv’s Executive Summit (May 3-May 4 in Chicago) will dive into the new B2B media customer experience, featuring perspectives from a cross-section of digital content experts (Joe Territo, recent chief content officer of Penton and David Longobardi, chief content officer and executive vice president at Source Media), executives (Meg Hargraves, COO and senior vice president at CQ Roll Call) and events (Dan Hoffend, president of FreemanXP).


Member Profile: alliantgroup Shows How Media and Information Companies Can Qualify for Up to Six-Figures in Tax Breaks

Tax time is upon us. And media and information companies investing hard-earned dollars in product development, infrastructure and staffing to give themselves an edge over the competition may also be eligible for significant tax credits for those same investments (often in the six-figure range). In fact, according to Tracy Lustan, managing director at alliantgroup, one of the premier providers of government-sponsored tax credits and incentives, media and information companies are among the most common groups to overlook the federal and state incentives that are available to their benefit.