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How Hanley Wood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ad Sales Data Bomb

It's what Prescott Shibles warned us about last year at the 2015 Connectiv Executive Summit when he said, "Targeting data will soon be worth more than advertising inventory." But for Hanley Wood, accepting and adapting to this change in buyer behavior became an opportunity to reverse engineer the formula to provide unique data points to advertisers, charge a premium for it and even boost performance on its own properties. 


Kantar's Look Into Programmatic Answers Many of the Key Questions

“What do we mean when we say, programmatic?” asked Michael Morrow, marketing director for advertising intelligence, Kantar Media SRDS, in a Connectiv webinar last week titled Media Boot Camp on Programmatic Buying Part 1. “Historically, people have said open auctions, real-time bidding. It’s important to know that the programmatic eco-system is much broader than all that. At its essence, programmatic is an umbrella term for automated and data-driven ways that you can offer your inventory to buyers.


B2B Publishers: The Market Will Come to You If You Have Plan for Native, Omnichannel and Programmatic

At the Connectiv Executive Summit in May, John Ebbert, publisher and CEO of AdExchanger, drew a burst of applause when he said that as a mid-sized publisher, he wouldn’t sell advertising programmatically (Ebbert himself noted the irony, given that AdExchanger’s entire focus is covering the emergence of data-driven advertising).