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Not by Events Alone: How the New Questex is Tying Digital to Events and Seeing Double Digit Growth

For all the talk of digital transformation, the real transition for many B2B publishers was becoming events companies with media rather than media companies with events. Events typically offered better margins (especially attractive to PE-owners looking to boost revenue then flip for a tidy profit) and didn’t require the headaches of building infrastructure and new skills that digital demanded.


How One B2B Publisher Will Nearly Double Revenue in Less Than Two Years Without Events or Major Acquisitions

“We invest almost all the money back into our business.” That’s a line that trade reporters often hear, typically with a great deal of skepticism. When it is true, it typically means a certain group or technology within the organization is receiving the lion’s share of that investment (as a cub reporter I remember hearing a CEO give our B2B division a motivational speech that boiled down to pointing to the then red hot yet soon-to-crash consumer apartment guides and saying, “Be more like them”).  


SSD Webcast | Simple Digital Marketing Hacks to Predictable Revenue & Profits

In this dynamic session our expert will give you actionable and repeatable success formulas from his private client portfolio and frontlines building software marketing campaigns from INC 500 Fast Growth startups to heavily funded PE ventures (Bain Capital). If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, executive or association that wants to;