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Using Podcasts to Engage, Inform and Entertain

Soft guitar music starts, then a female voice: "Instead of going, 'What is the desired response from the targeted audience you're trying to reach? How do we generate that desired response? How do we measure that desired response? That's really what we're looking for and what we should be looking for as marketers.' But instead it's about a list of tactics and a list of stuff that we've done to prove our value."


Experience Is Good But We Have to Keep Our 'Beginner's Mind'

On TV from London this morning, tennis great John McEnroe was asked about Venus Williams, who started her 19th Wimbledon today. (She's won it five times.) The commentator prefaced the question by saying that Venus seems quite happy to still be competing at age 36—and be in the top 10 in the world.But that she accepts losing more and thus doesn't really try to learn from those losses.