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We Approve These 6 Winning Marketing Messages

SIIA member ALM recently joined the everyday a.m. publication club with its new Morning Minute, available to subscribers of their content portals. I found it interesting that their daily content category names are a little playful: What You Need to Know, While You Were Sleeping and What You Said.


As Participation Grows, Podcasts Should Be Ripe for Monetization

There has been lots ofconversation this week on the SIPA DiscussionForum about podcasts and for good reason. According to a new study by Edison Research, an estimated 98 million people have now listened to a podcast and 57 million do it on a monthly basis. And it is not just for the very young. The amount of people ages 35-54 listening every month almost match those 18-34.


Using Podcasts to Engage, Inform and Entertain

Soft guitar music starts, then a female voice: "Instead of going, 'What is the desired response from the targeted audience you're trying to reach? How do we generate that desired response? How do we measure that desired response? That's really what we're looking for and what we should be looking for as marketers.' But instead it's about a list of tactics and a list of stuff that we've done to prove our value."