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Happy Customer Experience Requires a Strong Culture and Commitment

A T.S. Eliot quote in a business story will usually capture my attention. Thus, an article titled 7 Keys to Customer Experience Happiness by Simon Fraser—senior director of customer success, EMEA—caught my eye. "T.S. Eliot wrote 'the journey not the arrival matters,' and this is as true in [the customer experience] as it is often in life," he wrote. "Think about the thrill of anticipation in planning a holiday, for example."


SSD Webinar | Building your Desired Customer Experience: Pitfalls and Accelerators

Today the SSD community gathered to discover how to build a desired customer experience. While many companies have taken steps to define a remarkable and differentiated journey for their customers, significant gaps often exist between the “as-is” and “to-be” experience.  John Zuk, a Principal with Waterstone Management Group, discussed some of the pitfalls that companies face when building the structure and capabilities needed to deliver their desired customer experience as well as accelerators that can help deliver results more quickly.


SSD Executive Spotlight Series: Dhaval Moogimane, Partner, Waterstone Management Group

SIIA’s Executive Spotlight Series provides a look into some of the most successful executives in our industry. Hear how many of them got to where they are today, what is shaping their businesses and the industry today, and special advice they would give to others trying to grow a successful company. I recently sat down with Dhaval Moogimane, Partner at Waterstone Management Group. Dhaval brings over 18 years of business management and consulting experience that blends business strategy development, operations, and IT. Rajiv spent 10 years with PwC and KPMG (now BearingPoint) in senior practice management roles. Prior He brings in-depth expertise in the enterprise software, information services, technology device, and professional services industry. He specializes in helping technology companies capitalize on emerging trends, drive growth, and transform from a product-led to solutions-centric business. View the full interview in its entirety below.