SIIA Bootcamps for 2017.  SIIA represents a variety of marketplaces, including media and information, education and software. SIIA’s Boot Camp Series brings together the best of Connectiv, the Business Information Association, SIPA - Specialized Information Publishers Association, SSD - Software & Services Division and ETIN - Education Technology Industry Network to offer a series of road shows around the country. In early 2017, we will provide a deep-dive into the digital marketing issues facing members across the spectrum of SIIA's markets.

If there is one issue that unifies the varied SIIA marketplaces,  it's the challenge of building an effective digital marketing program. In the four bootcamps planned for early 2017, we will offer a deep-dive into the issues of marketing analytics, audience segmentation, and the effective use of social media, email marketing, and content marketing.   Each bootcamp is a packed day of best practices from industry leaders across all of the SIIA's markets. 

Make new connections and experience the full value of SIIA.  Join us in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington or New York. 

Questions About Sponsorship?

Sponsor a Boot Camp Series event to showcase your technology and thought leadership. For more information, please contact Heather Cejovic at hcejovic@siia.net or +1.212.784.6363.

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