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Judge Testimonials

  • I enjoy the experience of serving as a CODIE judge. It is the opportunity to provide critical feedback by on my experience and expertise. It is a great opportunity to learn about new products to learn from talented entrepreneurs and vendors. The CODIE label has become a signature of well-produced product.

    - Scott Horsch, Curriculum Director, Mendota High School
  • The CODiE Awards are a great way for the software and information industry to showcase and judge new products and applications. I'm proud to be associated as a judge.

    - Lauren Kelley, Chief Executive Officer, OPEXEngine
  • I really like being on the front side of new trends in technology.

    - Gilpatrick Peyton, Principal, Nocona ISD
  • I enjoyed being a judge and found the experience to be fun and informative. The company presentations were excellent.

    - Nathan Elia, Director, Innovation Grade Capital
  • I enjoyed learning about some very innovative new solutions!

    - Adam Stewart, Vice President, Engineering, Autotask Corporation
  • Being a CODiE judge gets you in-depth information on new products and trends directly from the executives at companies leading the charge!

    - Nate Philip, Marketing Consultant, The Artesian Network
  • Fantastic way to gain knowledge of the newest trends and ideas in digital education.

    - Karen Gartner, Math Department Head, New Providence School Distinct
  • This is a tremendous experience to view great new products, meet interesting people and a fun time.

    - Dennis Borchers, Teacher, Concordia Lutheran High Schoo

"I feel privileged by being part of the Judging community within SIIA. It provides me with valuable market insights on new trends whereby meeting all these companies who are passionate about their offerings is motivating and challenging."

"The CODiE Awards are a prestigious honor for all finalists and especially the winners. I am honored for the opportunity to work with such excellent and innovative companies throughout the competition."

"It is always a pleasure participating as a judge in the SIIA CODIE awards. It is great to see not only the latest and greatest new products, but watch the evolution of some of the best products in the market as they metamorphosize and take full advantage of the latest in technology in order to serve their chosen audiences more fully."


"Judging for CODIE makes you a more informed and versatile industry professional for your life. Your satisfaction is an affirmation of your skills as a professional."

First Time Judges

"As a first year judge, I must say this was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. I loved seeing the new products and how they can help our society."

"Being a CODiE judge is a win-win experience for all involved! I enjoy meeting the nominees and having a great conversation about their product."

"Judging the CODiEs is a terrific way to stay current, meet peers in the Technology world and have an opportunity to be walked through some of the coolest new Cloud products and services."

"As a first-time judge, I appreciated the great amount of support that SIIA provided me throughout the judging process: the mentoring program, the email communications, and the user-friendly dashboard were of great use to me, and helped make this first experience as a CODiE judge a positive one."

"This was my sixth year judging the Codie Awards and I enjoy it more every year. It's a great way for a software product (new or old) to be recognized"

Education Technology Judges

"Serving as a CODiE judge offers me the opportunity to really dive into instructional products that I may not have spent more than 5 minutes looking at while on a walk at an Ed Tech conference exhibit hall. I feel empowered to sort out the awesome from the okay with my nerdy educator cap on!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the judging experience. It was invigorating to learn about the new products out there that can help my students!"

"Working to enhance the educational community by being a CODIE judge and giving crucial feedback to educational companies was an experience I truly valued. Learning, sharing, and supporting is what education is all about and having the chance to do this along with companies and their products is advantageous for everyone."

"As a data analyst I am trying to find the most efficient way organize and utilize data to provide a better education for our students. The products that I judged really seemed to be in touch with the needs of educational institutions and all strived to improve education. I am so impressed with the creative and innovative solutions that are being developed in the name of better education."

Business Technology Judges

"The judging experience broadened my horizons. I enjoyed learning about new technologies and bringing my own experience to bear to test their go to market strategy."

"Judging was a great opportunity to see new, emerging technology applications. SIIA staff was very supportive, making my first year judging easy."

"CODiE judging provided me a unique opportunity to test and dialogue with top products in their field. I learned about the many approaches to providing solutions to different needs."