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New for 2017!

Every year a team of experts meets to review the existing CODiE Award categories and make recommendations for categories to add or eliminate. We are excited to announce the following categories for 2017.

Business Technology

applications, products, and services for use by business, media, publishing, information service providers, consumers, or other related technologies across the software and information sectors

Advertising, Sales & Marketing (details)
  • Best Advertising or Campaign Management Platform
  • Best Content Marketing Solution
  • Best Marketing Solution
  • Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution
Business Management (details)
  • Best Application Programming Interface (API) Management Platform - NEW
  • Best Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution -NEW
  • Best Collaboration Solution
  • Best Corporate / Enterprise Learning Solution
  • Best Customer Relationship Management Solution
  • Best Customer Service Solution
  • Best Customer Success Management Solution
  • Best Data Visualization Technology - NEW
  • Best Digital Asset Management Solution
  • Best eCommerce Solution
  • Best Emerging Technology - NEW
  • Best Event Management Solution
  • Best Financial Management Solution
  • Best FinTech Solution - NEW
  • Best Human Capital or Talent Management Solution
  • Best Infrastructure as a Service
  • Best IoT Platform - NEW
  • Best Logistics & Supply Chain Solution
  • Best Migration as a Service - NEW
  • Best News Media Monitoring Solution - NEW
  • Best Payments Solution - NEW
  • Best Project Management Solution
  • Best SaaS Enablement as a Service - NEW
  • Best Sales Enablement Platform - NEW
  • Best Social Media Solution
  • Best Solution for Integrating Content into Workflow
  • Best Subscription Management Solution
Content Technology (details)
  • Best Content Curation Platform
  • Best Content Rights & Entitlement Solution
  • Best Content Search & Discovery Solution
  • Best Multi-Channel Publishing Platform or Service
  • Best Service Using Aggregated Content
Data & Analytics (details)
  • Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution
  • Best Big Data Tools & Platform
  • Best Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics Solution
  • Best Business Intelligence Tools & Platforms
  • Best Content Analytics Solution
  • Best Data Integration Solution
  • Best Text Analytics & Semantic Technology Solution
Information Security (details)
  • Best Endpoint Security Management Solution
  • Best Identity & Access Security Solution
  • Best Network Security Solution
Mobile Application (details)
  • Best Information Service Delivered as Mobile App or Platform
  • Best Mobile Development Solution
  • Best Sales & Marketing Mobile Application
Network & Systems (details)
  • Best Cloud Management Solution
  • Best IT Operations Management Solution
  • Best IT Service Management Solution
  • Best Platform as a Service
  • Best Storage & Back Up Solution
Vertical Market (details)
  • Best Business Information Solution
  • Best Compliance Solution
  • Best Financial & Market Data Solution
  • Best Healthcare Technology Solution
  • Best Legal Solution
  • Best Real Estate or Construction Management Solution
Education Technology

applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the K-20 sector

Pre-K (details)
  • Best PreK / Early Childhood Learning Solution
K-12 (details)
  • Best Classroom Management Solution
  • Best K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution
  • Best K-12 Enterprise Solution
Higher Education (details)
  • Best Higher Education Enterprise Solution
  • Best Higher Education Learning Content Solution
  • Best Higher Education LMS or Learning Platform
Digital Service or Product (details)
  • Best Authoring / Development Tool for Educators
  • Best Coding & Computational Thinking Solution - NEW
  • Best Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators
  • Best Digital Aggregation & Sharing Solution - NEW
  • Best Education Cloud-Based Solution
  • Best Educational App for a Mobile Device
  • Best Data Solution
  • Best Emerging Education Technology Solution - NEW
  • Best Enterprise Application Integration Solution - NEW
  • Best Learning Capacity-Building Solution
  • Best Learning Relationship Management Solution
  • Best Social-Emotional Development Solution - NEW
  • Best Source for Reference or Education Resources
  • Best Student Assessment Solution
Instructional (details)
  • Best College & Career Readiness Solution
  • Best Creativity Tool for Students - NEW
  • Best Cross-Curricular Solution
  • Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution
  • Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution
  • Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas
  • Best Mathematics Instructional Solution
  • Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty & Administrative Staff
  • Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution
  • Best Science Instructional Solution
  • Best Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution
  • Best Solution for Special Needs Students
  • Best Virtual Learning Solution
Corporate (details)
  • Best Corporate / Workforce Learning Solution