Best Asset Management Solution

Awards the software solution that best audits and manages software assets. This award includes all solutions designed to audit software assets across a network environment.

BDNA Insight 5.0, BDNA Corporation

BDNA’s Insight enables IT organizations to agentlessly collect and analyze their technology inventory. The solution provides a unique catalog of technology products, support and taxonomy data for all vendors’ products. BDNA allows IT departments to leverage key information across critical projects, policies and processes from consolidations to green IT initiatives.

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eSMART by Dell, Dell

eSMART by Dell™ is the on-demand solution that helps simplify IT asset management so you can better manage IT costs and mitigate compliance risk. eSMART’s patented tracking technology automates inventory discovery, monitors software usage, and helps manage license compliance so you know what you have, know what you use, and know what’s licensed. With easy-to-use inventory, usage, and compliance reports, eSMART helps you manage software and hardware assets efficiently and quickly to make smart decisions regarding purchasing and licensing.

eSMART‘s technology automates software and hardware inventory discovery for on-demand inventory and deployment-readiness reports.

“eSMART’s inventory reports eased the burden of doing Microsoft EA true-ups. I can’t imagine trying to do it manually.” Ty Hubbard, Thomas & King

eSMART monitors software usage to identify unused and underutilized applications that can be eliminated or re-allocated to help reduce costs.

“With eSMART’s software usage report, we can see how many people are running each application.” Jonathan DeMersseman, Thomas & King

eSMART can identify under- or over-licensed applications in order to maintain software license compliance and avoid overspending.

“eSMART gives me all the inventory and compliance data I need to manage our network.” Connor Brosnahan, South Nassau Communities Hospital

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Express Software Manager, Express Metrix LLC

Express Software Manager®, like other category finalists, offers world-class hardware/software inventory, usage tracking, and license reconciliation—so you can easily determine where you’re under-licensed and over-licensed.

But that’s where the similarities end. To fully understand what makes Express Software Manager unique, it’s often helpful to explain what the product is NOT.

• It’s NOT a complex infrastructure product that requires weeks/months to deploy, several staff, or specialized knowledge. It’s straightforward, intuitive, and on average takes just a few hours to deploy.

• It’s NOT an enterprise suite where depth of analysis is sacrificed for breadth of functionality. We’ve developed our expertise over 12+ years, and our laser-focus on licensing—the principal objective of software asset management—is unparalleled.

• It DOESN’T lack support for critical technologies like Citrix, WTS, and virtual applications.

• It DOESN’T lack application control functionality that’s vital in effectively managing license compliance and security risks.

• We’re NOT a large, faceless company. When the phone rings, a live human answers. Customers rave about our support because we’re unwavering in our commitment to their success.

Express Software Manager is a rock-solid product backed by our passionate personal investment in our customers. Most importantly, we stick to what we know best: software asset management.

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CODiE Winner

Novell ZENworks Asset Management, Novell, Inc.

Novell ZENworks Asset Management provides enterprises with a complete, accurate view of software installations and license compliance by integrating asset inventory with software usage and license reconciliation. Users can make informed purchasing decisions, prove compliance through reporting, reduce costs and manage complexity with one automated tool.

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Software Virtualization Solution Professional , Symantec Corporation

SVS Pro is a revolutionary approach to optimizing software management. It serves the needs of traditional, virtual and hybrid enterprise endpoints, providing high productivity with controlled access to any Windows applications from any location at any time. It allows IT to instantly activate, deactivate or reset applications and completely avoid conflicts between applications altogether.

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