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Angelsoft 3.6, Angelsoft LLC

Angelsoft is the web-based platform that powers 450 business angel groups and investment networks in over 45 countries. It provides a comprehensive collaboration environment for over 16,000 accredited investors to invest in early stage ventures, and processes over 2,800 business plans each month.

Release 3.6 brings unprecedented transparency to the world of early stage investing, taking advantage of the fact that Angelsoft's technology now powers a large majority of the world's organized early stage financing.

The Group Finder provides a comprehensive search engine, with Kayak-like filtering, to every significant angel network and venture capital fund. Search results return detailed, verified profiles for each funding source, with profiles for Angelsoft-powered groups providing complete information including funding criteria, membership statistics, average investment size, processing time, number of recent applications, and more.

Once a company has decided to apply for an investment, Angelsoft's universal Funding Application has become the standard in the industry, similar to the CommonApp for college admissions. Once filled out, the application automatically enters the workflow process of each selected angel group or venture fund.

We invite you to visit and explore the Group Finder, as well as the full suite of online tools available to both entrepreneurs and early stage investors.

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Concur Travel & Expense, Concur Technologies, Inc.

Concur Travel & Expense seamlessly combines travel booking and expense reporting into one powerful and easy-to-use on-demand service. Concur eliminates the traditional expense report by automatically reconciling what was booked with what was actually spent, putting organizations in complete control through the power of Smart Expense, and making One Touch Business Travel a reality.

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Completely web-based, ExpenseWire automates the entire expense reporting lifecycle – from capturing and submitting, to approving, managing, reimbursing, and planning. It is the fastest solution to deploy and the easiest to use. And it integrates seamlessly with existing systems – including personal and corporate credit cards, on-line travel tools, accounting systems and more.

With ExpenseWire, employees can electronically submit and approve expense reports without the hassle of spreadsheets or wasteful printouts. Reports are automatically populated with travel and services booked through your online booking tool, as well as expenses from corporate cards or personal credit/debit cards. The entire process, from receipt scanning to reimbursement, is simple and quick. It eliminates the headache and wasted productivity of traditional expense reporting processes.

ExpenseWire delights companies and employees alike. It means savings for the company as expense policies are enforced in real time and processing costs are cut significantly. It means convenience for the employee, since there is no training involved and expense reports can be done in a matter of minutes, not hours as before.

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CODiE Winner

Intacct - Enterprise Edition, Intacct Corporation

Intacct is the leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications and a past CODiE winner. The Intacct system was designed by financial professionals for financial professionals, with guidance from thousands of customers and hundreds of partners.

Targeted at small to midsized businesses, from start-ups to public companies, Intacct is easy to use and deploy. The Intacct system automates complex financial processes and includes applications for tasks like accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, financial consolidation and reporting.

When evaluating financial management systems, there are many things to consider. You want a product that is deep and mature - something that can grow as your business grows. You want a system that provides real-time business visibility into your financial past, present and future so you can better steer your business. Ideally, your financial management system should integrate quickly and easily with other strategic applications, like your HR and CRM systems, so your business processes can be streamlined. And you want a system that can lower your total cost of ownership, delivered by a company with a proven track record of client success and satisfaction. That company is Intacct.

Check out our video page to hear what customers and partners have to say:

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Planitax Horizons Suite, Planitax

Planitax Horizons Suite is a tax information management solution designed to help corporate tax departments to manage critical data and documents, and streamline internal processes. It provides specific tools that address challenges in corporate tax lifecycle, including data collection, tax provision for financial reporting, R&D tax credits, FIN 48, project/workflow management, and audits.

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Maximizing Sales Productivity is Xactly the Point, Xactly Corporation

For years, companies have known that how they compensate their sales teams directly affects business performance. In the words of Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE, "Show me a company's various compensation plans, and I'll show you how its employees behave." The right sales plans can motivate selling behavior to increase profits, control expenses and drive consistent quarter-over-quarter results.

For most companies, however, the cost of traditional enterprise applications to automate this function is impractical. In fact, nearly 90 percent of companies today still manage this process manually through a complex set of spreadsheets. Instead of simplifying the process, they simplify their compensation plans.

The convergence of the on-demand (SaaS) delivery model with an automated compensation-management solution has finally created a new, affordable option for mid-market companies. Xactly Incent was created to meet the needs of the broader market by providing the market's first 100% on-demand sales compensation solution, allowing companies to improve their business performance with more effective sales compensation programs.

Especially valuable in today's economy, by developing more effective sales plans and achieving better visibility, these companies can dramatically improve their sales and overall business performance.

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