Best Systems Management Solution

Awards the tool that best assists system administrators manage and monitor networks. Includes performance monitors, system management, load-balancing tools, user analysis tools, web site administration utilities, caching software and content delivery networks.

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ManageEngine OpManager, ManageEngine

OpManager is designed to alleviate the problems that result from using multiple tools for infrastructure management; putting a stop to the daily searches, downloads and confusing reports that come with disparate management apps! OpManager, the network & IT infrastructure monitoring solution, offers advanced fault and performance management across servers, services, Microsoft applications and databases, WAN, VoIP services, network devices, etc. – all through a single web console.
• The 38 Mb software can be installed & configured to start discovering and monitoring in under 30 minutes
• Provides Multi-vendor device management (using open standards such as SNMP, WMI and CLI) over Windows & Linux platforms
• Monitors VMware ESX servers, MS-SQL, MS-Exchange, Windows services, Event logs, Syslogs, Active Directory, VoIP, WAN link availability & Round Trip Time, traffic flows and network configuration changes (NCCM)
• Contains over 500 performance monitors, 85 Eventlog/ Syslog rules and SNMP Traps, 637 device templates, 232 interface templates, 100 plus out-of-the-box reports, business snapshots visualizing network nodes and links, customizable dashboards with CCTV views, customizable alarm notifications and scheduled reports.
• Cost-effective, flexible licensing options based on number of devices (starts at $445 for monitoring 25 devices) or number of interfaces (starts at $1495 for monitoring 100 interfaces)

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CODiE Winner

Netuitive Service Analyzer, Netuitive, Inc.

Netuitive Service Analyzer replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand IT system behavior for mission-critical business services across IT silos.

Netuitive continuously self-learns system behavior, eliminates manual rule writing and thresholding, isolates root causes of service degradations, and forecasts problems hours in advance.

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CoreFirst 3.0, OpTier, Inc.

OpTier® harnesses the power of business transactions with its Business Transaction Management software. CoreFirst® assures business transactions flow smoothly within IT applications and infrastructure - without bottlenecks or outages - for improved end-user experience and reduced cost. It delivers end-to-end visibility of all business transactions and prioritizes them based on business needs.

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CODiE Winner

SolarWinds Orion NPM, SolarWinds

SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable fault and performance management solution designed to meet the needs of any size enterprise. The Web-based product provides in-depth, real-time network monitoring, advanced alerting functions and has a series of powerful modules covering a wide range of networking needs. Orion NPM is available for download directly from the SolarWinds Web site.

Created by network engineers for engineers, Orion NPM solution allows the user to be up and running in less than an hour with the simple do-it-yourself deployment. Orion NPM scales to accommodate network growth, complexity and management needs. Orion NPM provides a highly intuitive, customizable web interface with point-and-click simplicity that supports multiple views by users and departments.

The product allows the user to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages. It offers out-of-the-box network-centric views that are designed to deliver the critical information network engineers need. Orion NPM lets users spend more time managing the network, rather than managing the software.

This unique solution is integrated with thwack, SolarWinds online community, which offers users access to peer support and best practices from more than 20,000 network engineers. For more information, visit

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TriActive, Inc. Logo, TriActive, Inc.

SaaS Pioneer: TriActive, a SaaS pioneer for systems management, with its patented MicroAgent™ brings together for the for time asset, configuration, and service management in an easy-to-use Web 2.0 management portal.

Everywhere/Anywhere: Meet today’s challenge of mobile, home, and roaming laptops with TriActive's unique ability to manage systems everywhere from anywhere (e.g. iPhone) with no VPN required. Reach new levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Accuracy/Completeness: TriActive’s software catalog (400,000+ titles) helps customers make sense of the thousands of software titles in their environment, autmotically tracks usage, change history, security vulnerabilities, patches, and includes Internet software delivery, patch, remote control, self-service center, knowledgebase, and IT helpdesk that is always available, anywhere.

Extensibility: TriActive’s Community library (200+ packages/settings) makes extending and cultivating best-known practices as simple as copy and paste.

Savings/Scale: TriActive’s Green SaaS model, no limit on number/location of systems/sites/specialists, scales up (200,000+ systems) and down (under 50) to address any size customer with unparalleled savings; TCO is less than an on-premise infrastructure.

Partner Lead: Over 90% of TriActive’s revenue comes from the Channel: for IT is available thru leading Resellers; and for Service Providers is part of TriActive’s Five-Star rated, MSP 2.0 Partner Program; eliminate risk and operate a cash flow positive business.

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