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Best Education Solution

Awards the best overall education technology solution. This solution may be instructional, administrative, or for increased productivity at the preK-12 or postsecondary level. Includes delivery by CD, DVD, online, or multimedia packages.

* Product must be nominated in another Education category to qualify for this category

Discovery Education streaming Plus, Discovery Education

Scientifically shown to improve student achievement, Discovery Education streaming Plus integrates into any curriculum by providing educators and students with 9,000 full-length videos segmented into 71,000 content-specific clips (tied to state and national standards), images, articles, interactives, and more. Discovery Education content is available in more than half of all U.S. schools.

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  • DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, DreamBox Learning

    DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is an innovative, online learning product built on a standards-based mathematics curriculum and wrapped in a fun, interactive game. Developed for children in kindergarten through second grade, K-2 Math complements what students learn in the classroom by developing and reinforcing foundational math concepts through effective, individualized instruction.

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    MyWritingLab, Pearson Education

    MyWritingLab changes lives by improving grammar and writing skills for a growing population of students who need it most. The 24/7 accessibility and automated personalized study plans generated by MyWritingLab gives students the opportunity to learn and practice on their terms. The progressive learning model built into MyWritingLab allows students to succeed early and progress at their own pace so they build the skills and confidence to move into more difficult skill areas.

    Various activity formats give students multiple approaches to learn the concepts - Watch/Recall/Apply/Write activities. Students can watch, listen, and read about each topic through full-color, narrated animations (Watch) and an integrated eText. Students then engage in practice and assessment that moves them from literal comprehension (Recall) to critical comprehension (Apply) and then demonstration of concepts in their own writing (Write).

    MyWritingLab turns a crowded classroom into a one-on-one teaching/learning experience. Extensive exercise, activity and assessment banks deliver instant remedial feedback to students. All exercises, activities and assessments report to a gradebook so instructors have a constant view of students and their progress, enabling the instructor to offer targeted teaching.

    Numerous case studies attest to how MyWritingLab motivates students and increases their confidence to continue with college.

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    SchoolFusion Complete, SchoolFusion

    SchoolFusion provides 21st century K-12 website and communication solutions. Our CMS's custom Web tools empower administrators, teachers, students and parents to connect and communicate more effectively using:

    Easy-to-Use Classroom & FusionPages
    Group and Classroom FusionPages are a wonderful instructional and administrative tool--no HTML skills necessary! Simple, inline editing tools increase productivity by enabling users to quickly and easily create and maintain their own content-rich pages.

    Web 2.0 FusionTools & Idea Exchange
    Our Web 2.0 FusionTools include blogs, wikis, podcasts, vodcasts, slideshows, CIPA-compliant messaging and RSS feeds that coexist in an integrated K-12 safe environment. Students can safely comment, contribute and collaborate online about educational topics posted by their teachers. Teachers can pull and share blog content from an Idea Exchange of 20,000+ prewritten blog posts.

    Analytics & Reports
    Administrators can download reports showing user permissions, web visits and overall usage. Teachers can download reports on class members, quality and frequency of student participation, and class analytics and settings, giving them visibility into effective incorporation of online teaching tools.

    Student & Class Calendars
    Merging and overlay functionality allow parents to view multiple children’s schedules on one page. Includes a reliable, real-time facilities manager to eliminate double booking of school facilities and equipment.

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    CODiE Winner

    EXCEED Student Achievement Manager, Spectrum K12 School Solutions Inc.

    EXCEED Student Achievement Manager provides an integrated look at data to drive instructional decisions and day-to-day activities for all students, plans, and programs including RTI, IEP, 504, & ESL. Academic & behavior progress monitoring alerts and predictive analysis indicators give insight to personalize instruction and address achievement gaps at the student, class, grade, & district level.

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    CODiE Winner