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Best Science Instructional Solution

Awards the best school-based education technology solution for science or health curriculum and content for students in preK-20. Includes delivery by CD, DVD, online, handheld or multimedia packages.

Discovery Education Science, Discovery Education

Discovery Education Science powers middle school and elementary science curricula with standards-based digital content, virtual labs, reading passages, and more, all complemented by a real-time assessment component that measures student progress. Organized around an inquiry framework, the service encourages exploration, stimulates critical thinking, and deepens student engagement in science.

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  • ExploreLearning Gizmos,

    ExploreLearning Gizmos are interactive, online simulations that drive conceptual understanding in Math and Science. Designed for grades 3-12, Gizmos help teachers take advantage of research-proven instructional strategies and let students of all ability levels develop conceptual understanding. With over 450 Gizmos online, teachers can supplement and enhance instruction with powerful interactive visualizations of mathematics and science concepts. Students can manipulate key variables, generate and test hypotheses, and engage in extensive “what-if” experimentation.

    Key Gizmo features include:
    + Inquiry-based lessons that are ready to use or customizable
    + Formative assessment with instant feedback for students and real-time reports for teachers.
    + Correlations to all state standards and leading textbooks, making it easy for teachers to integrate into any curriculum.
    + Teacher guides with answer keys in many of our most popular Gizmos

    Gizmos are convenient, flexible and easy-to-use. They are perfect for use in a variety of learning scenarios, including computer labs, small groups, and whole group instruction using a projector and interactive whiteboard. They are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection by both teachers and students.

    Gizmos improve understanding of key concepts and bring Math and Science to life for today's students!

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    CODiE Winner

    Mastering Platform, Pearson Education

    Available for the sciences, the Mastering programs are the most advanced, educationally effective online homework, tutorial and assessment systems in the world. Mastering motivates students by giving partial credit for their method, providing immediate feedback on errors, and coaching each student individually by offering simpler sub-tasks when the student gets stuck. Mastering can save instructors time, provide unprecedented insight into class and student performance, and help take students further.

    Studies on Mastering’s effectiveness have been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at conferences. Students using MasteringPhysics make 15 percent fewer errors and solve problems 15 percent faster, while students using MasteringChemistry have increased their exam scores by 12 percent.

    By capturing student information, Mastering’s Two-Way Learning system gives instructors valuable data that they can then use to hone their teaching to best suit student needs. Assignment summary and diagnostic view screens organize individual, class and system-wide data for convenient use at any time.

    Simply put, Mastering incorporates a two-way learning process in which students learn from the system and the system in turn learns from the student interaction data. The knowledge obtained from the Two-Way Learning system provides instructors with valuable information about each student, further enhancing the learning experience.

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    Milller & Levine Biology Digital Path, Pearson Education

    The nation’s bestselling high school biology program, which you likely used in high school, has gone digital!

    With the Miller & Levine Biology Digital Path, thousands of students across the country are taking a virtual journey and living the science experience. Titled Miller & Levine Biology for its two internationally renowned scientist-authors, Ken Miller and Joe Levine, this innovative program takes a bold approach to science instruction, combining the power of new technology with a proven foundation of academic success.

    Through, students meet their partners on this science adventure – a team of “ecogeeks” who have created real experiences infusing curriculum topics with a new relevance for students. Described by Levine as “science reality TV,” “Untamed Science” offers the perfect blend of energy, enthusiasm and solid scientific knowledge. Biology students enjoy exploring their world as they embark on real-life science video adventures with these young and infectious “ecogeeks.”

    The program’s dynamic digital path offers students and teachers a wealth of other engaging activities and information, including complete online student and teacher editions of the textbooks, editable worksheets, interactive study guides, fun science games and online assessments.

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