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Best Education Solution for Mobile or Hand-held Device

Awards the best software application or service for mobile tools for students, educators or administrators. This solution may be instructional, administrative, or for productivity/creativity for preK-12 or postsecondary levels. Includes delivery via PDA's, smart phones, netbooks, tablets, or laptops.

ClassLink Inquiry, ClassLink, Inc.

Inquiry takes the guesswork out of instructional technology decisions.
Through real time reports, teachers and administrators know what software and which computers are being used.

Combine this data with student grades and attendance; now you can correlate technology usage to instructional results!

Inquiry, bringing data driven decision-making to instructional technology.

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  • Studywiz Spark Mobile, Etech Group, North America

    Studywiz Spark Mobile is the first and only Dynamic LearnSpace for K-12 designed specifically for mobile devices.

    It is a powerful 21st century learning solution that is transforming education by enabling learning to take place in the classroom, at home or on the go, regardless of time or place.

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  • Livescribe Inc., Livescribe Inc.

    The Livescribe Pulse smartpen is a computer in a pen that captures handwritten notes and simultaneously records and links the audio it "hears" to the notes. By tapping on notes with the smartpen, users can hear the conversation play back from that exact moment in time. Notes can be digitally transferred to a Mac or PC, keyword searched and shared via an online portal called Livescribe Community.

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  • SPARKvue, PASCO Scientific

    SPARKvue software allows students to use sensors to collect and analyze data so they can have a hands-on science learning experience. SPARKvue was designed to be a solution for science students of all levels -- simple enough for elementary-level learners but with the features to suit the needs of advanced physics, chemistry, biology or environmental science students.

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    CODiE Winner

    RefMobile, ProQuest

    RefMobile enables researchers to use the RefWorks web-based research management service from anywhere, via web-enabled mobile phones, smart phones, and PDAs. Users can access the most commonly used RefWorks functions, including searching the entire RefWorks databases, import new references, viewing/adding/removing references in folders, creating new folders,& adding comments to Notes fields.

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