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Best Database Solution

Recognizes the best solution for the storage, organization, management, search and retrieval of large quantities of data in a business environment for any range or combination of activities, including financial, contact, records management, research, documents, and other sources.
Products nominated here are eligible for the Best Operations Management Solution and Best Information Management Solution supercategories.

Calpont InfiniDB - Calpont

Calpont InfiniDB is a high performance, scalable database built from the ground up for analytics, BI, data warehousing and read intensive applications. Designed for data professionals who need to augment or replace their traditional RDBMS technologies, InfiniDB is a column-oriented, massive parallel processing (MPP) technology that processes data queries extremely fast and scales linearly on any type of storage hardware.

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    Cvent Supplier Network - Cvent

    The Cvent Supplier Network is a free, web-based database that allows meeting and event planners to search detailed profiles of over 140,000 venues worldwide, send Requests for Proposals and compare bids with side-by-side reports. Close to $4 billion in group business is estimated to flow through the system to meeting and event venues in 2011.

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    MarkLogic Server - MarkLogic Corporation

    MarkLogic Server is a purpose-built database for leveraging unstructured information at Internet scale, enabling customers in industries including media, government and financial services to develop and deploy information applications at a fraction of the time and cost it takes with conventional approaches. Key differentiators include speed (10-100x performance improvement), agility and scale.

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    CODiE Winner

    TrackVia cloud application platform - TrackVia

    The TrackVia cloud application development platform is the first solution that makes the cloud accessible to business users while delivering a secure, scalable & performant platform that is attractive to internal IT.

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