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The Story

What matters most in the modern age of business?

For some, it’s a commitment to innovation beyond what is possible. For others, it’s about validation in the marketplace – from peers and customers.

In the digital age, life moves fast. Companies in the technology arena can’t afford to rest on laurels. Yesterday’s leading edge thinking can quickly become today’s industry practice, or even become marginalized. So how can you attain a level of recognition that reflects both innovation and validation in such a fluid business environment?

The CODiE™ Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries. Through a thorough review of products and services by people who know the industry, the CODiE™ Awards allow companies to validate their products against the competition. The products that qualify as finalists benefit from a comprehensive publicity program that involves traditional media outreach, social media activity, and opportunities for expressing thought leadership in the technology community through SIIA.

In 25 years, we’ve recognized 1,033 companies for achieving greatness in an industry that expects innovative thinking and demands market validation. And it’s only getting better.

Through a rigorous product review process, subject matter experts in the content, education technology, and business software industries score products based on industry-accepted criteria. Finalists are selected and then considered by the members of SIIA through a voting process. Their votes don’t determine the winners, but in a close race, they can push a product over the top.

By reaching the finalist stage, or ultimately winning, your company can achieve a level of validation that reflects excellence, conveys importance, and calls attention to your products in a way that is unmatched in these industries.

Make the commitment to elevating your product in the business marketplace by participating in the CODiE™ Awards.


The CODiE™ Awards, originally called the Excellence in Software Awards, were established in 1986 by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), so that pioneers of the then-nascent software industry could evaluate and honor each other's work. Since then, the CODiE Awards program has carried out the same purpose - to showcase the software and information industry's finest products and services and to honor excellence in corporate achievement.

The CODiE™ Awards hold the distinction of being the industry's only peer-reviewed awards program, which provides member companies with a unique opportunity to earn praise from their competitors. Now in its twenty-fifth year, the CODiE Awards program has raised the standard for excellence and serves as prestigious representation of outstanding achievement and vision in the software and information industry.

CODiE Awards logoThe origin of the CODiE Award's name alludes to the program's basis in the software industry, in which the word "CODiE" is derived from the word "code". The CODiE Awards logo, re-designed in 2004, combines the word "CODE" with the symbol for information ("i") to visually represent the CODiE Awards' focus on the software and digital industries.

What's New This Year

Just as companies in the digital age must innovate in order to maintain market position, so too must the CODiE™ Awards. We’ve taken bold steps since our 2009-2010 campaign in order to modernize the program so that you will find meaningful value in your experience. Here’s what we’ve done:

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