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Awards the best online consumer service, with a specific focus on information targeted toward individual consumers. Includes: travel, sports, consumer medical reference, general reference, tax preparation, and other information resources that consumers utilize. Excludes services whose primary focus is news.

Environmental Issues Report (EIR) - Environmental Data Resources

The Environmental Issues Report enables homeowners and home buyers to screen their home or prospective home and its surrounding area for known and suspected environmental concerns. Historically, consumers have not had access to this information that has been widely used in commercial real estate for well over 20 years. The EIR site is also able to connect the user with a local environmental professional to help interpret the rich dataset of 1400 databases and 23 million records. Gas stations and dry cleaners are the most numerous in the databases however there are also 35,000 former illegal drug (meth) labs, millions of landfills and approximately 3500 "Superfund" spill sites. Although many people know of the movie 'Erin Brockovich' or the movie 'A Civil Action' the truth is, there are thousands of cases that are less publicized but equally detrimental.
Sample Report:
Feature on Designing Spaces (Lifetime Network) http://www.designingspaces.tv/show_segment.php?id=867
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  • Lawyers.com - LexisNexis Group

    Lawyers.com is a leading online legal destination, providing consumers and small business professionals the information they need to learn about specific legal issues, ask legal questions, find the right lawyer, and access legal documents.

    Key features include:

    - A comprehensive database of over 1 million Lawyers and Law Firms.
    - Thousands of legal articles, organized by Practice Area on hundreds of legal topics.
    - Lawyer Ratings (both Client and Peer ratings).
    - Easy to use site features.
    - Access to do-it-yourself forms for consumers interested in handling their own legal matters
    - An interactive discussion community of individuals and lawyers covering hundreds of legal topics.
    - Helpful tips on how to select an attorney, prepare for meeting an attorney and work with an attorney.
    - An active community where users can ask question and get answers.

    "The first time I sought legal counsel I didn't know how or what to ask. Lawyers.com made the process much more comfortable." Graceann W.

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    Safari Books Online - Safari Books Online

    Safari Books Online is a subscription-based digital resource and learning library with over 18,000 books, videos and articles written by thought-leaders in technology, business and digital media.

    IT experts, software developers and engineers, Web designers, business and creative professionals, entrepreneurs and hobbyists use the library to learn new skills and enhance existing competencies, do research, solve problems, study for certification exams and more.

    Safari Books Online gives subscribers on-demand access to thousands of learning resources including books, videos, code snippets and practice exams in one, easy-to-use destination. Our combination of vetted, up-to-date content from the world's most well-known publishers, and our powerful platform tools, enable subscribers to quickly find, organize, manage, share and apply the information they find in the library. And, with Safari Books Online's mobile optimized web site and its iPad app (Safari To Go), subscribers can search the library, read books, watch videos and save information from their mobile devices whenever they like.

    Safari Books Online offers a range of business-to-business product mixes and pricing programs for every organization, business-to-consumer options for individual users, as well as government, public and academic libraries.

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