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Best Online News Service

Recognizes the best online news service. May include aggregation of multiple news sources, original news content or a combination of both. Nominees may be general news providers as well as providers of vertical market-specific news.

NewsEdge.com - Acquire Media

Information professionals seek timely news and information from reliable sources that can be organized, analyzed, and shared efficiently - to uncover opportunity, reduce risk, and foster creativity.

NewsEdge.com offers a focused content collection combining premium subscription sources with highly-valued web content. Subscribers can upload propriety content into their subscription for a total content solution. This underscores the NewsEdge commitment to relevance - to provide the most relevant, actionable information to our customers.

Uniquely, NewsEdge provides graduated search interface options giving every level of researcher access to powerful, targeted search supported by our comprehensive taxonomy and filtering systems. Finding news from basic keywords or advanced Boolean search strings is easy to execute and refine.

When information is found, NewsEdge communicates it immediately and effectively. NewsEdge features role-based controls for sharing and collaborating when teamwork counts. For wider audiences, NewsEdge offers quick one-click sharing of stories via methods such as email, RSS, and social media. When strategic communications are in order, NewsEdge delivers high-impact deliverables with scheduled and event-driven alerting, on-demand RSS, and professional-quality newsletters that can be manually prepared or auto-published.

Together these components create a truly integrated real-time news management and delivery solution.

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    Narrwhal – Artificial Intelligence Authoring System - Narrative Science

    Narrative Science, a Chicago-based technology company and a 2011 Winner of the Chicago Innovation Awards, transforms data into stories and insights. Our proprietary artificial intelligence authoring system, Narrwhal, produces reports, articles, summaries and more that are automatically created from structured data sources. With amazing speed and quality, narratives are created in multiple formats, including long-form articles, headlines, Tweets and business reports. Narrative Science's technology solution helps customers save time and money by combatting data overload, time constraints, cost restrictions and scale issues. Our products help customers discover the insight that is hidden in their data and allows for the creation of new content at a scale that is simply unreachable given human resources alone. Founded in late 2009, the company was initially conceived at Northwestern University's Schools of Engineering and Journalism and is now headquartered in downtown Chicago. To learn more, go to www.narrativescience.com.

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    Thomson Reuters Multimedia Center - Thomson Reuters

    Powered by the same award-winning technology that drives Reuters Insider, Thomson Reuters Multimedia Centre is an online video platform which allows financial institutions to quickly and easily engage with clients in a compelling and direct way. The Multimedia Centre platform empowers financial service firms to create their own video content about research, market commentary and trade ideas, manage their existing video assets, and distribute multimedia content directly to the desktops of financial professionals worldwide while retaining control each step of the way. Thomson Reuters knows from our extensive experience serving sell-side clients that they are constantly looking for better ways to engage with the buy side. Readership of research reports and other text-heavy communications is down across the board as the market is flooded with content. However, multimedia drives deeper engagement with the audience in a way that traditional text cannot. By using Multimedia Centre to create their own presentations, financial institutions increase the impact of their message, improve the efficiency of their business, and differentiate their brand from the competition. Now multimedia is becoming an integrated part of the daily workflow for financial professionals and changing the landscape of how the sell side communicates with the buy side.

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    Thomson Reuters News & Insight on Checkpoint - Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters News & Insight is an innovative current awareness and news solution designed specifically for tax and accounting professionals and available on computers, smartphones and tablets.

    It combines legislative and primary law updates and expert analysis from Thomson Reuters Checkpoint with journalism, videos and images from the world's premier news agency, Reuters, on tax and accounting developments - all expertly filtered by practice area in one location.

    Thomson Reuters News & Insight consists of a Home Page (complimentary to subscribers of Checkpoint) and five subscription-based practice area pages.

    The Home Page brings together in one place the day's most important tax and accounting highlights, real-time Reuters journalism (including a twice-weekly column by Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston), general business news, and stock market information.

    Practice area pages are available for Federal Tax, State and Local Tax, Corporate Tax (the first of its kind on the market), Accounting, Audit & Corporate Finance, and Pension & Benefits, and feature:

    - Analysis of tax and accounting developments written by industry experts from a variety of WG&L journals
    - Summaries of primary law updates with links to Checkpoint for deeper research
    - Exclusive filters that allow subscribers to retrieve developments by: IRC section, State and tax

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