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Best Political Information Resource

Recognizes the best online service dedicated to delivering information and news relating to elections, campaigns, campaign finance, voting records, election laws and regulations. May include information from federal, state and local jurisdictions.

Bloomberg Government (BGOV) - Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government is the single source for professionals who need to understand the business impacts of government actions so they can work quickly, decisively and effectively. This comprehensive, subscription-based, online tool collects best-in-class data, provides high-end analysis and analytic tools, and delivers deep, reliable, timely and unbiased reporting from a team of more than 2,300 journalists and multimedia specialists worldwide. It also offers news aggregated from thousands of the most trusted news sources from around the globe.

Our dedicated editorial teams include award-winning editors and reporters along with former congressional staffers, regulatory officials, industry veterans, economists, and financial analysts, working to cover key industry sectors (including health care, energy, defense, finance, transportation, and tech/telecom) and cross-cutting areas such as trade, taxation, and labor. By linking the reporting and analysis of our teams to a fully customizable console of tools and resources, Bloomberg Government helps everyone from Congressional staffers and C-Suite executives, to government affairs professionals and sales executives do their jobs better.

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    Tennessee Legislation Service - Business and Legal Resources (BLR)

    Legislative information and tracking service for government affairs professionals, associations, and government agencies

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  • Nexis - LexisNexis Group

    Nexis combines multiple key content collections for broad & deep research and analysis. Nexis is fully customizable and supports simple and complex ad-hoc research and continuous alerts.

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