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Best Classroom Management System

Recognizes the best system designed for K-12 educators that provides any or all of the following: student information systems, data management and reporting tools, gradebooks, standards alignment tools, packages that link data and resources to instruction, and other platform tools that take user content.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best K-12 Education Solution Award.

Genius SIS - Genius SIS

Genius SIS is a web-based Student Information System designed from scratch to support the needs of online learning. It fully supports open-entry, rolling enrollments and flexible pacing, automatically calculating the students' progress and alerting teachers and students when they fall behind pace. Genius SIS also provides numerous communication tools that can be used by teachers to send customized bulk emails and setup automatic emails.

Genius SIS is currently integrated with more than 10 different Learning Management Systems (LMS), providing automatic user creation, course enrollment, grade reporting, activity tracking and single-sign on. This ensures data is synchronized between the two systems, without the need for double-entry.

Used in more than 30 states and abroad, Genius SIS can be configured to provide different access to different types of users, and supports multiple schools under a common umbrella, including individual branding capabilities. It also support online payments, transcript generation, user-defined reports and provides intuitive dashboards.

Genius SIS: the next generation of web-based Student Information System for online and virtual schools

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    Schoology - Schoology, Inc

    Schoology is an innovative learning management platform that combines course management with secure social networking tools. The platform has the look and feel of popular social media sites, so it is easy for teachers to learn and engaging for students to use.
    Teachers can use the free version of Schoology to host discussions, share resources, conduct tests and quizzes, provide one-on-one feedback, and manage paperwork, like keeping attendance, recording grades and assessing performance. Students can extend their learning experience anytime, anywhere by accessing course content, communicating with their teachers and collaborating with their peers.
    The enterprise version provides administrators with additional functionality, including advanced analytics, Single-Sign-On (SSO), report card generation and advanced user management.
    Schoology is a cloud-based solution so there is no software to install, no extra equipment, and no maintenance required. Seamless API integration allows instant collaboration with other programs and services, and facilitates a smooth migration of materials and course files from other systems.

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    LanSchool v7.6 - Stoneware

    LanSchool allows teachers to remove distractions, prevent inappropriate behavior, demonstrate skills, monitor and assess student progress in a BYOD, 1:1 or traditional lab environment.

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  • Wowzers - Wowzers

    Wowzers is an adaptive on-line core math curriculum with lessons, practices, games, virtual quests , assessments, PD, teacher's monitor, progress reports,blended activities and printable homework.

    Let us Wow you with Wowzers Classroom Management System. Here is what several teachers have to say:

    "Wow, this is an amazing tool that has made me a better teacher. The tool lets me know exactly how my students are doing each day. It even gives me an alert that tells me which students are struggling with the concept so that I can concentrate on working with the students who need extra help while my other students are able to progress at their own rate."

    "Not only does Wowzers test what my students know ,but it automatically sends them on a path to learn the content and remediate if necessary. They love it that they don't have to wait for me to grade papers and I love it because I don't have to grade papers ! Their scores are recorded and I can not only access the scores when ever I want, but I can use this as my grade book."

    "My students are driven by the coins that are awarded. I like it that the system allows this."

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