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Best Education Community Solution

Recognizes the online system designed to provide social learning, collaboration, and education community support for K-12 or postsecondary students, teachers and administrators. Includes tools for teacher communication, class/lecture capture, resource centers, collaboration and planning tools, blogs, wikis and other interactive, social media solutions.

ClassLink LaunchPad Virtual Desktop - ClassLink, Inc.

ClassLink LaunchPad — Virtual Desktop, a personalized cloud-based desktop, provides access to school resources from any device; delivers cost savings and reduces complexity, ideal for BYO initiatives.

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    Collaborize Classroom - Collaborize Classroom by Democrasoft

    Collaborize Classroom is a free online collaborative education platform that allows students & teachers to transcend the boundaries of their physical classroom to engage in a private online community

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  • ConnectYard - ConnectYard, Inc.

    ConnectYard is a two-way communications platform that makes it easy for faculty to engage, connect and alert students; one to one or one to many. Keeping their personal information totally private, students can select communications channels like Facebook, Twitter, text message, email and more; all based on how each user personally prefers to send and receive messages.

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    Gaggle - Gaggle

    We realize that today's students are social learners. Rather than pushing against the tide, schools can embrace the benefits in a safe and controlled environment designed specifically for the needs of K-12 education. Our tools help engage students, support diversity and develop communities that encourage dialogue and the sharing of ideas and events. Gaggle's tools enable anytime, anywhere access so that teachers and students can work together on assignments, projects, and events.

    In 2002, Gaggle began releasing web tools to complement our email solution. These tools included Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Blogs, Digital Lockers, and Homework Drop Boxes. In 2010, Gaggle released several new online tools collectively referred to as Gaggle Apps. Gaggle Apps includes Gaggle Office, Social Learning Wall, Safe SMS Texting, GaggleTube, Gaggle Mobile, MyGaggle Interface, and Integrated Calendars. In the summer of 2011, Gaggle again released new tools including Mark It Up! (a collaborative correcting tool), class pages, filtered Instant Messaging using open protocols, and updated several older tools.

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    GoingOn Academic Social Networking Platform - GoingOn Networks

    GoingOn provides an innovative academic social networking platform, enabling students, faculty, and administrators to more effectively connect, collaborate, and learn beyond the course.

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    Schoology - Schoology, Inc

    Schoology is an innovative learning management platform that combines course management with secure social networking tools. The platform has the look and feel of popular social media sites, so it is easy for teachers to learn and engaging for students to use.
    Teachers can use the free version of Schoology to host discussions, share resources, conduct tests and quizzes, provide one-on-one feedback, and manage paperwork, like keeping attendance, recording grades and assessing performance. Students can extend their learning experience anytime, anywhere by accessing course content, communicating with their teachers and collaborating with their peers.
    The enterprise version provides administrators with additional functionality, including advanced analytics, Single-Sign-On (SSO), report card generation and advanced user management.
    Schoology is a cloud-based solution so there is no software to install, no extra equipment, and no maintenance required. Seamless API integration allows instant collaboration with other programs and services, and facilitates a smooth migration of materials and course files from other systems.

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