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Best Education Game or Simulation

Recognizes the best game application designed for K-12, postsecondary or adult students that uses active, virtual learning environments to enable students to learn/apply curriculum concepts in an entertaining, educational way. This solution can be either an instructional, diagnostic, or assessment tool designed for pre-school through adult students or instructional/administrative leaders.

DimensionU Learning System - DimensionU

DimensionU is the company behind the DimensionU Learning system – an innovative technology designed to maximize students' desire to learn. The multiplayer, game-based learning solution combines research-based, collaborative, social games that are effective in differentiating instruction in math, literacy and science. The technology has been used by major school districts including New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and over 1,500 others since 2007 and was shown in an independent university study to improve test scores by up to two letter grades. It uses curriculum aligned to the standards of all 50 states and CCSS so students are sure to be practicing the core skills they need to excel.

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    ExploreLearning Reflex - ExploreLearning.com

    Reflex is an online, game-based system that helps students of all ability levels to develop instant recall of basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

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  • Terminal Velocity/Commander of Nautilus - JASON Project, National Geographic Society

    Terminal Velocity, connects K-12 students with scientists and engineers to study measurement, motion, forces and machines via integrated articles, videos, digital labs/games, live Q&A events, contests

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  • Smarty Ants - Smarty Ants, Inc.

    SmartyAnts Reading World is a safe and interactive, virtual world where children encounter a variety of research-based activities, practices, games, instruction, and most importantly, choices as they embark on a journey that builds key early literacy skills. SmartyAnts adapts to each child's needs to provide a truly customized learning path throughout the program. Although it is designed to teach early literacy skills in English, the program is also available in Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Students can access SmartyAnts online from any internet connected computer or tablet, from school or at home. Teachers have a variety of reports available through the data dashboard that allow them to identify each student's specific weaknesses and strengths while providing links to both Common Core and state standards and enrichment activities for each student. Through SmartyAnt's continuous progress monitoring teachers now have the tool and information they need to provide true data-based instruction in their classrooms.

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    Sokikom - Sokikom

    Sokikom (so-kee-com) motivates elementary students to learn math in an exciting, safe massively multiplayer online game. Sokikom currently features four games: Frachine, which focuses on fractions, decimals and percents; Opirate, which emphasizes mathematic operations and algebra; Treeching, which concentrates on measurement, algebra, patterns, time and money; and Shapescape, which helps students build their understanding of geometry. A free, unlimited-use, basic version of Sokikom is available for schools and homes.

    Colorful, animated characters greet students when they log on to play a Sokikom game. Students create their own avatar, take a placement test, and quickly begin playing engaging games and solving real-life math problems. During individual game-play, kids go through a personalized math program that adapts to their abilities. If a student is stuck, a character, such as the friendly robot in Frachine, points them to a “help” button where the concept is reviewed. During team-based multiplayer games, students play together in real-time and help each other complete math tasks.

    The company's research-tested approach uniquely connects massively multiplayer online game play with both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Points for Grades PreK-8 and the new Common Core State Standards to provide intense engagement, which results in increased student achievement.

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    Practice Marketing - The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

    Multi-player, turn-based strategy game challenges students to apply marketing concepts to a practical simulation of real-world competition for market share and profitability.

    Practice Marketing is based on the framework of the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Students are required to create a product, a backpack, and launch it to market successfully by making smart choices regarding their target market segment, distribution channels, pricing and promotional message. Students conduct competitive research by analyzing their competitors' choices. The game keeps track of each player's market share in the target segment and students also receive feedback from their customers for further analysis.

    Practice Marketing takes a holistic approach to marketing and players must pay equal attention to the 4 Ps and balance them effectively—just as real world practitioners would. Students learn by doing what it takes to be an effective marketing manager.

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