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Best Educational Use of a Mobile Device

Recognizes the best educational application, either curriculum or administrative, that is delivered to mobile devices, including smartphones, personal digital assistants, tablets, or integrated web-based, hardware/software solutions. This solution may be designed for the K-12 or postsecondary markets or both and provides students and faculty access to apps, courses, content or tools.

Blackboard Mobile Learn 2.0 - Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard Mobile Learn allows students to access documents in multiple formats, read/post announcements, create threaded discussion posts, upload and create content and much more. To date, there are nearly 1 million app users worldwide and more than 15.5 million courses have been viewed. Many schools are also seeing as many as 50 percent of their student body logging into their courses through the intuitive user-interface of Blackboard Mobile Learn.

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    BrainPOP Featured Movie App - BrainPOP

    The BrainPOP Featured Movie app (Chromebooks and iOS devices) offers mobile access to the calendar-aligned Featured Movie and related quiz, which rotate daily, and now, ALL movies and quizzes.

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    CODiE Winner

    Ashford & Rockies Mobile - Bridgepoint Education - Learning Resources

    The Mobile Classroom application enables students and faculty to complete online discussion posts, contact key university support staff, check grades, and more, from the convenience of a mobile phone or tablet device, giving them on-the-go access to the learning experience.

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    BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development II (IED II) Record Book for the iPad - Curriculum Associates, LLC

    It's never been easier to assess the educational strengths and needs of students functioning below the developmental age of seven. When paired with the criterion-referenced BRIGANCE IED II and the powerful BRIGANCE Online Management System, the BRIGANCE iPad app allows educators to:
    - Record IED II assessment results and capture observations directly on the iPad
    - Seamlessly synchronize data and observations with the BRIGANCE Online Management System for instant data management and reporting
    - Access and manage multiple students' records in a single device

    Once the IED II assessments results have been recorded on the iPad, special educators can use these results (via the BRIGANCE Online Management System) to:
    - Determine present level of performance
    - Develop goals and objectives for IEPs
    - Craft targeted instructional plans
    - Monitor and report student progress

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    Inkling - Inkling

    Inkling works with major publishers to rebuild market-leading textbooks into a first class learning experience on iPad. Inkling is revolutionizing the world of textbooks and the way students consume learning content. In contrast to flat digital reproductions of printed books, Inkling reinvents the textbook as software, incorporating rich interactivity, 3-D models, interactive assessment, and real-time collaboration among students and professors. Students can purchase textbooks by the chapter for as low as $2.99.

    Textbooks on Inkling’s platform are built from the ground up for multi-touch devices like iPad, bringing a level of engagement and learning that’s impossible with flat reproductions of print books. Students love the rich interactivity, self quizzes, easy search and annotation tools, and the ability to buy by the chapter, saving them money. Professors like that Inkling textbooks drive better student engagement and achievement without requiring any change in instruction. Plus, social collaboration among students and between professor and student opens doors to entirely new ways to learn.

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    CourseConnect ™ - Pearson

    CourseConnect is a complete and customizable post-secondary online, blended, and on-ground course solution, with engaging multi-media, interactivity, and assessments designed to achieve student success. An integrated assessment approach supported by keen alignment with learning objectives fosters student empowerment, learning, and satisfaction. CourseConnect offers over 115 courses spanning several disciplines of postsecondary study. Resource guides and customer assistance support instructors.

    CourseConnect's mobile device solutions CourseConnect on the iPad and CourseConnect Study extend the learning environment, placing learning resources within convenient reach while on the go.

    Developed by leading eLearning instructional and user interface designers, CourseConnect on the iPad enables courses and topics to be navigated using simple taps and swipes, creating an easy-to-use web experience in your hand. It is great for reading and watching videos before doing homework and participating with classmates on-ground or online.

    In addition, CourseConnect Study is available for compatible browsers and iOS/Android devices. It is a simple yet elegant flashcard application that complements the already robust CourseConnect course library. Utilizing the extensive glossaries that come standard with all CourseConnect courses, users can create their own study deck, shake to shuffle, and keep track of learned terms on the go.

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    PowerTeacher Mobile for the iPad - Pearson

    PowerTeacher is a revolutionary, web-based classroom management system designed by teachers, for teachers. More than half-a-million teachers use PowerTeacher, one of the fastest growing educational software products today.

    With its companion iPad app, PowerTeacher Mobile, teachers are no longer limited to their desktop or laptop when using the gradebook. They can record student scores and make observations about student progress from anywhere in the classroom, at the gym, on the playground, at a sporting event, or while on a field trip.

    Available for free download in the Apple® iTunes® App Store, PowerTeacher Mobile integrates seamlessly with the PowerTeacher gradebook, allows teachers to more quickly, easily, and securely create and score assignments, view student groups, manage class rosters, and view student demographics.

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    Vernier Video Physics for iOS - Vernier Software & Technology - Software Division

    Available on the iTunes App Store, Vernier Video Physics for iOS brings physics video analysis to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Video Physics is ideal for physics students and teachers allowing them to perform on-the-go analysis of interesting motions (see student-created video below). Students and teachers can take a video of an object in motion, mark its position frame by frame and set up the scale using a known distance. Video Physics then draws trajectory, position and velocity graphs for the object. The app also allows for sharing of video, graphs and data to Facebook, Photo Libraries and computers running Vernier's Logger Pro software.

    Additional features include the ability to:
    - Capture a new video using the built-in camera, choose a video from your photo library, or use one of our sample videos.
    - Mark the position of one object, frame by frame.
    - Set the scale of the video using an object of known size.
    - Optionally set coordinate system location and rotation.
    - View graphs of trajectory, and x/y position and velocity.
    - Export the marked video to Facebook or your Photo Library with graphs appended to video.
    - Email the video and data for further analysis in Vernier's Logger Pro software for OSX and Windows.

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