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Best Instructional Solution for Special Needs Students

Recognizes the best teaching application specifically designed to benefit students with unique educational needs, including those with physical or learning disabilities or those who are gifted and talented in the K-12 or postsecondary markets. Includes solutions that are 508 compliant and provide instructional materials that are accessible or developed under the principals of universal design for learning (UDL).

Kurzweil 3000®/firefly - Cambium Learning Technologies

Kurzweil 3000 is a reading, writing, test-taking tool to make curriculum accessible for all students. It reads text aloud from digital and print formats, while providing scaffolded support.

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    Boardmaker Studio - Mayer-Johnson

    Boardmaker Studio is an interactive, flexible, symbol-based teaching & learning software. Boardmaker Studio adheres to the principles of UDL by providing multiple means of representation, actions & expression, and engagement for learners with varied learning styles and needs. Boardmaker Studio provides a vast collection of easy to populate templates ideal for providing students with special needs access to the curriculum through standards aligned lessons including common core standards. In addition, all activities can be differentiated for individual learner’s needs using a simple menu of options.

    Boardmaker Studio provides direct access to BoardmakerShare, our community of over 100,000 Boardmaker users. On BoardmakerShare, members can search thousands of activities to find, download and instantly use instructional materials with the students they teach. In addition, they can upload activities they have created with Boardmaker Studio to share with the community.

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    PresenceLearning - PresenceLearning

    The first student PresenceLearning served, Emma, was six years old and lived in a remote area of Michigan. Her school's speech language pathologist (SLP) felt she did not have the experience needed to help Emma with her stutter, which was at risk of becoming life-long without timely intervention. After three months of live online speech therapy with a PresenceLearning SLP who specializes in stuttering, Emma went from stuttering 36% of the time to stuttering 3% of the time. After this success, her speech therapist reported that Emma's online therapy was "the highlight of her year" and that because of the collaboration with PresenceLearning, "Emma could now speak."

    Working with students just like Emma across the country, PresenceLearning is the leading provider of live online speech therapy services for K-12 students. The company offers school districts web-based access to a nationwide network of highly-qualified SLPs via live video-conferencing using proven, evidence-based practices.

    PresenceLearning employs the latest video-conferencing technology, a comprehensive digital library of therapeutic content, and time-saving collaboration and practice management tools to deliver sessions that are individualized, curriculum-relevant and evidence-based. Now, districts of all sizes and locales can serve students in need with high quality speech-language services.

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    Rethink Autism Website - Rethink Autism, Inc.

    Rethink Autism's award-winning web-based autism treatment and behavioral intervention tools and curriculum feature over 1,200 clinical best practice video-based teaching steps, automated data tracking and reporting and online professional support. The program is currently serving thousands of children with autism as well as other disabilities in hundreds of schools nationwide as well as 27 countries worldwide.

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