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Best K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution

Recognizes the best digital learning environment/system designed for K-12 educators to manage curriculum-based content, student access and use, diagnostic and remediation programs, data management and reporting tools. Includes course and content-based learning management systems used by students.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best K-12 Education Solution Award.

ClassLink LaunchPad Instructional Desktop - ClassLink, Inc.

ClassLink LaunchPad Instructional Desktop, a cloud-based learning desktop that delivers a course-centered, online learning experience; easy to use and ideal for blended learning initiatives.

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    HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 App - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    The HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 App engages students in ways that traditional education cannot. Using the iPad, students watch engaging video tutorials, swipe through pages, get hints and walk through complex problems at home or on the go. The revolutionary platform encourages the use of personalized lesson plans by combining direct instruction, ongoing support, assessment and intervention in one easy-to-use suite of tools.

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    Raz-Kids.com - Learning A-Z

    Raz-Kids.com is the dynamic, student-centric K-6 reading site where students read or listen to 27 levels of animated books—all online, anytime, anywhere. In addition to readers, the site has a classroom management tool for teachers to assign classroom rosters and track student progress, the motivational “Raz Rocket” clubhouse to encourage and reward students, and more.

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  • Networks: A Social Studies Learning System - McGraw-Hill Education

    McGraw-Hill networks: A Social Studies Learning System, is a new program for teaching U.S. history, world history, and civics for grades 6-12 through interactive online teacher and student centers. The easy-to-use Teacher Lesson Center gathers everything in one place to effectively manage and organize the classroom. Teachers can plan instruction; customize lessons, assignments, and tests; create presentations; assess comprehension; and differentiate instruction with ease. The resource library offers a bank of primary sources, political cartoons, maps, images, presentation tools, videos, worksheets, and graphic organizers, with online Professional Development available from leading specialists on Understanding by Design, and use of technology in the classroom. The Teacher Center also includes online assessment that provides remediation and reporting tools; teachers can sort by performance or demographic criteria. Student results are available immediately at the student, class, school, or district level. Teachers appreciate the way in which the Student Learning Center boosts student engagement and provides powerful, standards-based curriculum with access to content, primary sources, and engaging videos. Social studies content comes alive as students interact with content differentiated to their reading level, take notes, view videos and resources and submit assignments all online.

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    Schoology - Schoology, Inc

    Schoology is an innovative learning management platform that combines course management with secure social networking tools. The platform has the look and feel of popular social media sites, so it is easy for teachers to learn and engaging for students to use.
    Teachers can use the free version of Schoology to host discussions, share resources, conduct tests and quizzes, provide one-on-one feedback, and manage paperwork, like keeping attendance, recording grades and assessing performance. Students can extend their learning experience anytime, anywhere by accessing course content, communicating with their teachers and collaborating with their peers.
    The enterprise version provides administrators with additional functionality, including advanced analytics, Single-Sign-On (SSO), report card generation and advanced user management.
    Schoology is a cloud-based solution so there is no software to install, no extra equipment, and no maintenance required. Seamless API integration allows instant collaboration with other programs and services, and facilitates a smooth migration of materials and course files from other systems.

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    Instant Science - The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

    Instant Science is an all-digital, literacy based science program which allows teachers to instantly add science to their busy K-6 classrooms. The program provides a variety of resources for students.

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