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Best K-12 Enterprise Solution

Recognizes the best non-instructional business management application or service that supports education enterprises in the K-12 market, including transportation, human resources, talent management, security, food services, digital communication/security solutions, scheduling and registration services, data mining, data analysis, student information systems, network services, special ed funding tracking, IEP tracking, etc. This solution, delivered by the Internet or by network, will also best enable data exchange, processing and reporting.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best K-12 Education Solution Award.

Edline LCMS (Learning Community Management System) - Blackboard Inc.

Designed specifically for K-12 learning communities, the Edline LCMS exists at its core as an all-in-one website solution. The LCMS combines the features of a Content Management System (web design, editing, permissions, templates, content publishing, site navigation etc.) and a Learning Management System (gradebook, quizzes, homework hand-in, wikis, discussions etc.) with the added capabilities of robust outbound communication (email, text and voice notification).

The LCMS connects all the diverse groups that make up a learning community - from the district and school level to classrooms, clubs, teams, boards, alumni and committees - so that everyone can collaborate and communicate safely and effectively.

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    ClassLink LaunchPad Virtual Desktop - ClassLink, Inc.

    ClassLink LaunchPad — Virtual Desktop, a personalized cloud-based desktop, provides access to school resources from any device; delivers cost savings and reduces complexity, ideal for BYO initiatives.

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    Genius SIS - Genius SIS

    Genius SIS is a web-based Student Information System designed from scratch to support the needs of online learning. It fully supports open-entry, rolling enrollments and flexible pacing, automatically calculating the students' progress and alerting teachers and students when they fall behind pace. Genius SIS also provides numerous communication tools that can be used by teachers to send customized bulk emails and setup automatic emails.

    Genius SIS is currently integrated with more than 10 different Learning Management Systems (LMS), providing automatic user creation, course enrollment, grade reporting, activity tracking and single-sign on. This ensures data is synchronized between the two systems, without the need for double-entry.

    Used in more than 30 states and abroad, Genius SIS can be configured to provide different access to different types of users, and supports multiple schools under a common umbrella, including individual branding capabilities. It also support online payments, transcript generation, user-defined reports and provides intuitive dashboards.

    Genius SIS: the next generation of web-based Student Information System for online and virtual schools

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    Terminal Velocity/Commander of Nautilus - JASON Project, National Geographic Society

    Terminal Velocity, connects K-12 students with scientists and engineers to study measurement, motion, forces and machines via integrated articles, videos, digital labs/games, live Q&A events, contests

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  • MyLearningPlan Enterprise Solution - My Learning Plan Inc.

    The MyLearningPlan Enterprise Solution includes MyLearningPlan, WebReg, MyLearningPlan OASYS, and FormHog. Together, this system provides an unparalleled enterprise solution that comprehensively and flexibly attends to the data collection, information integration, and reporting needs of individual end users, building leaders, district administrators, regional agencies, and state departments of education.

    This solution was explicitly designed to move educators' practice forward by intuitively capturing, integrating, and reporting on all data about professional learning, educator evaluation, and any other related information for multiple user levels.

    The MyLearningPlan Enterprise Solution is:

    - Comprehensive, exchanging and integrating data from across multiple systems.
    - Intuitive, allowing users at all levels to easily capture and access data from one dashboard.
    - Customizable, attending to specific federal, state, and district requirements.
    - Efficient, cost-effectively automating scheduling, form completion, workflow, and reporting.
    - Empowering, informing collegial conversations and decision-making with graphical reports.
    - Secure, providing confidential and appropriate access based on user level and assigned rights.

    Supporting educators and all staff in enhancing their practice to improve student outcomes - Fast and Easy.

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    CODiE Winner 
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    PowerSchool - Pearson

    "What's the best part of PowerSchool? I get to come home from school every day and check my grades!"

    That is what one student said about PowerSchool, the fastest growing, most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 10 million students in all 50 states and 65 countries.

    One of the most significant features in the newest release allows PowerSchool customers to transfer student records easily from one district to another. This new functionality allows PowerSchool districts to request the electronic delivery of a student record for any new student within the United States from another U.S. school district. By acknowledging the request, the student’s previous school can quickly and securely electronically transfer the records to the new school through the National Transcript Center, saving time and effort for both schools.

    PowerSchool 7.0 also features a new language translation toolkit, which allows schools to translate PowerSchool into multiple languages and the addition of 18 new different language options for the parent portal, increasing school-to-home communications for families whose primary language is not English.

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