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Best K-12 Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best broad-based, multi-disciplinary teaching application or solution for curricula and content that is specifically targeted toward students in K-12 learning environments. Includes products that offer online curriculum, assessments, and reporting, integrated with tools for classroom management, planning, and collaboration.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best K-12 Education Solution Award.

Eureka.in - Designmate(I) Pvt Ltd

Eureka.in is a digital library of 3D animated content for Physics, Chemistry and Biology catering to grade 6th - 12th. The library consists of 1200 Learning Objects, 400 in each subject. Each Learning Object is a combination of learning resources like Text, Video, Simulation, Quiz and Web-links which provide an intelligent learning path to grasp different subjects. We have used 3D technology to develop interesting videos and interactives which create an immersive environment motivating students to learn more and retain it longer for better scores. 3D videos make abstract subjects concrete to students and improve their understanding of complex ideas. Eureka.in inspires students to explore and actively discover unique solutions.

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    ExploreLearning Reflex - ExploreLearning.com

    Reflex is an online, game-based system that helps students of all ability levels to develop instant recall of basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

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    CODiE Winner

    Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS) - Footsteps2Brilliance

    ALPS consists of 18 animated eBooks and over 200 educational games. Our program is aligned to the most important vocabulary and concepts that early learners need in order to excel in the classroom.

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    ScienceFusion - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    By blending print and digital components, ScienceFusion gives students a meaningful way to interact with key topics in earth, life, physical, and natural sciences. Designed specifically for today′s digital natives, ScienceFusion promotes 21st century learning skills by providing students with a self–paced, individualized learning experience.

    Unlike similar product offerings on the market that are predominantly text–based, ScienceFusion is powered by an online curriculum consisting of digital lessons and virtual labs that combines rich media such as video, animation, high–res imagery, Flash animations, clever sound effects and music stings, to promote an interactive and engaging learning environment.

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    icurio - Knovation

    The dynamic curriculum content solution for personalized learning. Teacher-approved, standards-aligned, personally relevant digital content.

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  • PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) - PLATO Learning, Inc.

    PLATO Learning is a leading provider of high-value, comprehensive online solutions that support educators in their mission to successfully transition learners from one stage to the next in their educational endeavors. With our focus on learner achievement and educational success, PLATO Learning offers a wide variety of solutions to cover multiple program areas. Our solutions are delivered on our industry-leading platform, the PLATO Learning Environment (PLE). PLE combines 21 century technology with curricula, assessment, and standards management to create a unified system for integrating the key aspects of the educational process on an online interface.

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    Red Pen Tool - Sherston Software USA

    RPT is a revolutionary online tool to mark students’ digital work. RPT converts work(PPT to digital photos)to Flash allowing teachers to mark work online without printing & w/out changing student work

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  • StudySync - StudySync

    StudySync provides engaging online learning through an innovative combination of video, digital media, mobile platforms, social learning and access to hundreds of classic and modern texts.

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    Time To Know - Time to Know

    Time To Know is the first Digital Teaching Platform (DTP), combining software and curriculum into a single solution. The Time To Know DTP integrates technology in every step of classroom instruction: whole class discussion, small group exploration, and individual practice.

    At the center of the class is a Time To Know teacher leveraging technology to deliver exceptional results. A critical feature of the technology is continuous formative assessment data. Ample data and real-time monitoring mean that teachers can focus individual attention on students and customize instruction to meet individual learning needs.

    All Time To Know lessons include differentiated materials for up to three levels of study. The Time To Know instructional model allows the whole class to study a topic while individual students practice at their own levels.

    The Time To Know curriculum is built on the principles of the common core. Our inquiry-based learning model delivers engaging material that stimulates interest and develops critical thinking skills. Using interactive tools from games to discovery applets, activities stimulate students to explore how concepts work and hypothesize about what they've learned.

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