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Best Postsecondary Course or Learning Management System

Recognizes the best teaching and learning platform designed for postsecondary educators to manage curriculum-based content, student access and use, diagnostic and remediation programs, data management and reporting tools. Includes enterprise e-Learning platform or course and content-based learning management systems used by students.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best Postsecondary Education Solution Award.

Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1, Service Pack 6 - Blackboard Inc.

For leaders and visionaries in education, Blackboard Learn is the teaching and learning foundation that will take you the furthest with the right balance of technology, content, services and people, dedicated to you. Be certain that Blackboard will bring you greater returns today, while preparing you to quickly respond to the changes of tomorrow.

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    Desire2Learn Learning Suite - Desire2Learn Inc.

    A tightly integrated suite of products and solutions providing a seamless experience for creation, delivery & management of courses. Learners can collaborate & connect around content and activities like never before.

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    Edvance360 Learning Management System & Secure Social Network - Edvance360

    Edvance360 is an internet-based Learner Management System (LMS) and secure social network that enables schools to implement a successful online academic program. Edvance360 equips schools, corporations, and organizations to host online courses, implement modular courses, and revitalize residential courses to make them more interactive. Edvance360 was designed by professors for professors, with input and oversight provided by many of the leading educational design experts, relational-learning experts, and partners.

    Edvance360 provides an easy-to-use interface for students and faculty, course management and creation tools, hands-on training, fanatical support, a secure social network, Web 2.0 tools, and collaborative communities to help educational institutions build a networked learning environment.

    Our clients enjoy a high return on their investment, personalized support, and customizable solutions. We do not believe a one-size-fits-all approach is beneficial to our clients, so we are steadfastly committed to adapting Edvance360 to fit the needs of the rapidly changing world of education.

    Our team members are experienced educators whose vision is to provide an easy to use, affordable, learner-centered LMS that enables students and faculty to engage in collaborative learning process. All features in Edvance360 contribute toward engaging students in critical thinking, network building, and life-long learning habits.

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    Pearson LearningStudio - Pearson

    Pearson LearningStudio – Expanding Possibilities

    The potential of online education is limitless. Expanding its impact means removing barriers. With the rapid development of interactive, social and mobile technologies, institutions can offer engaging, high-touch experiences to more students around the world. But the possibilities go beyond access, to a promise of more individualized achievement and greater outcomes.

    To take full advantage of this wave of opportunity, institutions need visionary partners with deep experience and scalable, reliable, cutting-edge technology. Pearson understands that every institution has unique requirements for infrastructure, operations, processes and resources. Supported by experienced service consultants, we are committed to building customized solutions to fit each institution’s needs and objectives.

    Built upon our in-depth knowledge of education, our innovative technologies and our best-in-class data analytics, Pearson LearningStudio is transforming the experience of online learning. Pearson LearningStudio enables truly personalized learning experiences that empower students to learn the way they learn best — when, where and how they want.

    Pearson LearningStudio delivers an array of features and functionality to ensure a comprehensive solution that can grow as an online learning program grows.

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