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Best Postsecondary Enterprise Solution

Recognizes the best non-instructional business management application or service that supports education enterprises in the postsecondary market, including class/lecture capture solutions, network services, human resources/talent management, digital communication/security solutions, scheduling and registration services, data mining, data analysis, student information systems, etc. This solution, delivered by the Internet or by network, will also best enable data exchange, processing and reporting.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best Postsecondary Education Solution Award.

GlobalEnglish Suite - GlobalEnglish Corporation

The GlobalEnglish suite of products develop and support the Business English communication and collaboration needs of global companies so they can enhance organizational productivity and performance.

Our cloud-based software suite provides instant, on-the-job support for business tasks in English—such as writing emails—and includes programs for formal and informal Business English learning, social collaboration, mobile productivity, and the ability to evaluate and measure usage and proficiency improvements company-wide.

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    Higher Reach by Jenzabar - Jenzabar, Inc.

    Higher Reach is a flexible, full-featured, scalable software solution uniquely aligned with the complex needs of any institution that offers continuing education, certificate, or workforce development

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    Tegrity Campus (Lecture Capture Service) - McGraw-Hill

    Tegrity, a division of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is a cloud-based, fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid and online courses to record lectures as well as support course content, which can be viewed anytime. Tegrity Campus is the only cloud-based Lecture Capture solution proven to improve student achievement, satisfaction, retention and recruitment across an institution. It makes class time available all the time by automatically recording, storing and indexing every class on campus – without the need to install any special hardware or software in classrooms. The company’s patent-pending Search Anything™ and Smart Bookmarks™ features let students instantly review key class moments online using a PC, Mac, iPod, iPad or other mobile devices. In 2011, Tegrity passed the milestone of more than 20 million student views through its service. Unlike most lecture capture solutions, Tegrity scales affordably; and more than 50% of its customers deploy Tegrity campus-wide.The ability to scale affordably comes from Tegrity’s unique cloud-based service model and the company’s innovative AAIRS™ real-time integration technology.With Tegrity, student learning is the primary focus and its adaptive solutions allow students the ability to do much more than simply view a recording.

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    Pathevo STEM - Owen Software

    Pathevoâ„¢-STEM is a web-based solution that facilitates student career exploration and education planning within the Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Pathevo applies patented research metrics and algorithms to match the interests and aptitudes of each individual student with relevant academic programs from 2-and 4-year colleges and universities throughout the United States. A comprehensive, integrated solution, Pathevo brings the information and tools students need to explore the complete spectrum of STEM career options and relevant academic programs together in one place so that students can successfully plan for academic success.

    Pathevo is the only solution currently available that allows students to intelligently identify and map their unique skills and aptitudes to specific STEM career options, and then design education paths that align with their career aspirations. Pathevo also supports collaboration between the student and their parents, counselors, and advisors by informing and facilitating career and academic planning discussions. The results are more productive career counseling and advising, and significantly better STEM education and career decisions by students.

    By providing a simple, intuitive way to explore academic programs and career options in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Pathevo introduces students to a world of possibilities they may never have considered, empowering them to choose an academic path that maximizes their success.

    Student Benefits

    • Self-assessment tools facilitate identification of majors and sub-disciplines most compatible with a student’s interests and aspirations
    • Exploratory tools enable students to investigate a wide range of STEM academic programs, and to explore related career paths
    • Delivers a personalized, detailed Educational & Career Plan that can be shared with parents and advisors
    • Focuses the student on academic choices that align with their career goals, enhancing student satisfaction and probability of on-time graduation
    • Reduces the possibility of choosing academic paths that are at odds with a student’s interests, aptitudes and aspirations

    Educational Institution Benefits

    • Reduces time spent on traditional education and career planning
    • Enables advisors and educators to advise more students in less time
    • Develops inter-institutional relationships between local schools
    • Provides resources to encourage more students to pursue STEM disciplines

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    Remote Proctor Now - Software Secure, Inc.

    Remote Proctor Now: Distance learning exams proctored by computer and webcam, authenticating the ID of online students and bringing integrity to distance learning programs.

    Remote Proctor Now is an on-demand, easy to use, low-cost alternative to testing centers, personal proctors, and other inconvenient methods of securing the online testing environment. Students can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a webcam. Remote Proctor Now eliminates the need for acquiring new hardware or software, student set-up and scheduling.

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