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Best Professional Learning Solution for Education

Recognizes the best educational application or service designed to support K-12 or postsecondary education institutions in the development of faculty and administrative staff. Includes professional development programs, learning management systems, and content development, with video-based delivery and packaging tools.

PD Online - ASCD

PD Online is a professional development resource incorporating high-quality digital content for educators delivered in a convenient, effective and personalized fashion.

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    Courseload - Courseload, Inc.

    Courseload is a device- and content source-neutral aggregator and distributor of digital textbooks and course materials. Courseload’s approach eliminates the barriers that have impeded the print-to-digital evolution in academia while providing cost reductions to students and institutions and improving academic outcomes. With digital materials stored in one central location and accessible from multiple devices, Courseload enables students to learn and collaborate more successfully, provides faculty with digital tools and analytics that support teaching, and protects content owners from piracy and eroding revenue streams.

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    PD 360 (version 5.0) - School Improvement Network

    PD 360 is an online, on-demand professional learning resource for educators in all schools and districts with 1,800 videos on 117 topics from 120 experts, featuring research-based classroom examples.

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    Teaching-centered e-lesson series - SMART Technologies ULC

    SMART is the world's leading provider of interactive whiteboards. SMART training and professional development is here to help educators achieve better results with their technology products. We support teachers through a comprehensive approach to training, offering formats that cater to different budgets, schedules and learning styles.

    This teaching-centered series of high-impact lessons were designed by educators, for educators. They'll teach you how to use SMART's interactive technology solutions to support your K-12 teaching activities.

    Once you've created an account on the SMART Learning Space and logged in:


    1. Click "Teaching-Centered"
    2. Click "Learn more"
    3. Click "Skill Level 1" and then click "Register" to access the course of your choosing.

    Note: Skill levels 2 & 3 are fee-based courses.

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    eTeachables - Sublime Learning, Inc.

    Sublime Learning offers transformational teaching with technology through a blended learning solution that helps teachers effectively integrate technology into instruction. Award-winning eTeachables are brief, on-demand videos that move beyond "how-to" and model:
    - Effective teaching strategies rooted in sound pedagogy

    - Inclusion of higher order thinking skills

    - A variety of cross-curricular connections

    - Differentiation for diverse classrooms

    - Engagement strategies to encourage full student participation

    - Meaningful technology-based instruction

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    Success at the Core - Vulcan Productions

    Success at the Core is a proven video-driven, web-based, and free suite of professional development materials focused on developing both school leadership and instructional capacity.

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