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Best Student Assessment Solution

Recognizes the best application or solution for high-stakes assessments/preparation for high-stakes tests in the K-12 and postsecondary markets for use in either formative or summative assessments.

Study Island Version 5.0 - Archipelago Learning

Study Island is specifically designed to help students master the content specified state and the Common Core Standards. Our focus on state and Common Core Standards enables students to improve their performance in all skill areas tested. Our high impact, low cost programs provide quality academic support and practice, rigorous and engaging state-specific content, differentiated instruction with immediate feedback, built-in remediation, and actionable, real-time data.

Study Island offers standards-based, state specific programs in math, reading, writing, science and social studies. Additionally, Study Island benchmark products give teachers a snapshot of student proficiencies in relation to state or Common Core standards.

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    iCAN - Avant Assessment

    Avant's iCAN provides teachers and students with real evidence of learning organized around national proficiency standards. iCAN can be used anywhere, anytime engaging learners beyond the classroom.

    Students use iCAN to set learning goals and demonstrate their individual competency, while teachers continuously mentor and collaborate with students to create learning paths and rubrics of self-evaluation. Through iCAN, a teacher provides tasks based on a student’s learning goals and interests, and the student completes them with digital real-world evidence to show "I can". Stored as video, sound, text and pictures in an online portfolio, student evidence is organized to state or national standards and tracked longitudinally to demonstrate progress over time.

    Parents also have access to iCAN tasks and evidence, connecting them to their students’ progress. Appropriate for middle school through college, iCAN is self-directed and delivered via a web-based annual subscription for anytime, anywhere access across the learning continuum.

    To learn more about iCAN, as well as Avant Assessment's other offerings, including professional development and free online webinars, please visit www.avantassessment.com.

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    i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction - Curriculum Associates, LLC

    i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction is a powerful, web-based math and reading program that provides students with the one-to-one attention necessary to accelerate learning. This easy-to-use program provides users with a valid and reliable assessment, clear reporting and automated, differentiated instruction.

    i-Ready Diagnostic is a state-approved growth measure. The adaptive online diagnostic assesses students across multiple grade levels making it easy to pinpoint gaps and measure growth. Assessment questions become harder or easier based on a student's answer to the previous question, allowing the program to precisely identify a student's actual ability level.

    After students take the adaptive diagnostic, the program automatically generates a variety of easy-to-understand reports available at school-, grade-, class- and student-levels. Teachers use these reports to immediately determine students' strengths and identify the root causes of student weaknesses. The program also tracks performance against state standards and the CCSS.

    Once teachers have a comprehensive analysis of each student's strengths and weaknesses, they can either choose to provide explicit instruction with the new instructional PDFs, or have i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction automatically serve up research-based, interactive instructional modules customized for every student.

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    onTRAC (Online Teacher Resource and Assessment Community) - Interactive Achievement

    onTRAC (Online Teacher Resource and Assessment Community) by Interactive Achievement (IA) is a web-based interim and formative assessment and reporting system. The solution was developed by educators to specifically address the assessment and reporting needs of America's schools. onTRAC is an all-inclusive system that supports content management, content delivery and real-time reporting. The solution facilitates data-informed decisions and instruction at all levels, promoting a community-based approach to increasing student achievement.

    onTRAC provides educators with an easy to use test creation and delivery platform. These components integrate seamlessly with onTRAC's robust reporting features, creating a comprehensive, customizable, and easy to use assessment system.

    onTRAC helps educators easily and instantly pinpoint student mastery and weaknesses. Additionally, the solution provides school and district administrators with the necessary data to make important curriculum decisions.

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    GED® Test Prep Online - Pearson

    GED Test Prep Online provides a rich, interactive, online learning experience for individuals preparing to take the GED, a high-stakes test.

    GED Test Prep Online gives learners the opportunity to self-assess their readiness to succeed in the five subject areas tested in the GED. Delivered in any learning management system, GED Test Prep Online enables students to pre-test for knowledge and easily review test results to determine gaps in mastery. Multiple types of practice tests are available, with immediate feedback given on all answers.

    In addition to ample practice and question explanations, GED Test Prep Online offers specific tips and strategies for passing each test section. A final cumulative GED test — based on the actual exam — is also provided.

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    WriteToLearn 7.0 - Pearson

    WriteToLearn is for ALL students, from the struggling student to gifted student, including English language learners and special education students. Through WriteToLearn’s web-based summary and essay writing activities, students receive real-time, automated feedback on reading comprehension and writing skills.

    The built-in language tools act as a personal tutor to alleviate reading difficulties, and include text-to-speech, an embedded cross-language dictionary, spot word translation, and new translated instructions and student feedback in both Spanish and Chinese. With a click, the student hears the phrase read aloud at the same time the text is highlighted on the screen. The combination of video and audio input is proven to improve comprehension for struggling students, and assist English language learners as well.

    In addition, teachers can customize scoring parameters to meet the learning goals of each class, making this an ideal tool for learners at all levels.

    WriteToLearn supports the topmost effective teaching strategies for reading and writing, as identified in Writing Next and Reading Next reports, and aligns with the Common Core State Standards by placing strong emphasis on the comprehension and analysis of information texts while building reading and writing skills across genres.

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    Waypoint2 - Waypoint Outcomes

    For the first time, there is a realistic alternative to multiple-choice tests: Waypoint2's performance-based assessment solution makes it possible to personalize feedback for learners while creating rich data aligned with standards or customized outcomes.

    Waypoint2 reimagines rubric-based assessment - turning potential drudgery into an engaging experience for teachers and students.

    By uniting assessment and teaching; teachers can comment and grade on all kinds of student work: documents, presentations, projects - any authentic task. At the same time teachers are creating exceptional feedback for students they are generating rich analytics on learning that can be used at the course level, program, or institutional level. Rubrics can be mapped to the Common Core or any number of custom Competencies.

    Students get a working portfolio of feedback and documents that they can use to reflect and learn from. Institutions gain invaluable insights into authentic learning. Teachers save time and, perhaps most importantly, see the impact of their teaching through data they create, then apply to differentiate instruction and engage learners.

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