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Best Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution

Recognizes the best platform, service or provider that supports the efforts of organizations (business, government, academia) to educate employees in a body of specific knowledge that aids in the successful execution of an employee's job. Includes applications that educate on internal processes, practices, expectations, and objectives or train on workplace safety, technical assignments, hazardous material management, machinery operation, or emergency response training. Includes learning management systems, and content development, delivery and packaging tools.

Crowd Wisdom - digital ignite

Crowd Wisdom is specifically designed to serve professional education initiatives that are deployed due by 1) mission-based trade organizations or 2) for profit education publishers and multi-national corporations

To serve these markets, we had to innovate what we saw in Learning Management. Crowd Wisdom is focused on the learner- not just administration of learners- that can be also tailored for each client due to the unique nature of each learning culture. We saw too many LMS platforms focused on controlling access, reporting on learners, and tracking grades- but not helping the learner find the content they need. We wanted to change this.

Learner-centric approach: The Crowd Wisdom platform tracks many key learning activity to enable a "personalized" experience for the learner; Crowd Wisdom tracks user history, launches, similar peer activity and becomes more aware of content that may fit their preferences that it then suggests (recommendations) and displays in terms of popularity, recency, or as related to other items they've viewed.

Flexibility: The Crowd Wisdom architecture enables each client to select the features desired and can extend or create custom functionality. The system is widget driven- similar to iGoogle or SharePoint- in that clients can select and arrange the widgets they want-

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    EF Englishtown - EF Education First

    EF Englishtown (world's largest online English school) pioneered 24hr teacher led classes. Teaching over 15mill students, Englishtown uses speech recognition, social gaming, mobile apps & movies.

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  • DBS Bank - Induction Program - G-Cube Solutions

    This course is an induction training designed for new recruits for a bank. The course is based on a travel theme and is driven by a mentor. The journey begins by issuing a boarding pass to the learner and starts from banks' global branches to the branches within India and further to the corporate HO and eventually concluding at the office desk allocated to the learner. During the journey, it talks about organization values, growth data, multiple setups, internal systems, and policies that govern the bank culture.

    The course is woven within a maze and the learner would clear the maze to proceed from one stage in the journey to another. During each stage, the learner would collect souvenirs by visiting various interactivities on course frames which would qualify him/her to attempt the maze game.

    To maintain learner interest, Stereoscopic 3D effects have been built on select screens and these provide a newness and an element of inquisitiveness to the induction program. Engaging videos, personalized welcome messages from department heads, rich media, and select screens in 3D ensure learner interest throughout yet cover the details in a cost and time effective manner.

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    GlobalEnglish Suite - GlobalEnglish Corporation

    The GlobalEnglish suite of products develop and support the Business English communication and collaboration needs of global companies so they can enhance organizational productivity and performance.

    Our cloud-based software suite provides instant, on-the-job support for business tasks in English—such as writing emails—and includes programs for formal and informal Business English learning, social collaboration, mobile productivity, and the ability to evaluate and measure usage and proficiency improvements company-wide.

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    KDS eClassroom Platform - Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.

    KDS provides online strategic professional development enabling districts and schools to improve their instructional practice by delivering customized programs that align with their specific goals.

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