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Best Digital Rights Management Solution

Awards the solution that best allows the secure electronic purchase, distribution and subsequent use of software and/or information.

iCopyright Article Tools + Syndication - iCopyright

iCopyright Article Tools + Syndication is a plug-in for blogs and websites that are built using any of the three leading open-source content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. The service deploys article tools that protect, promote, and monetize copyrighted content.

iCopyright has been providing these tools and services to large publishers for more than a decade and has distributed millions of dollars in licensing revenue, earning a place on the EContent 100 List of Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry for four years in a row. Now iCopyright has made these same tools available for smaller websites with platform-specific plug-ins that can be deployed in under three minutes.

Deploying iCopyright Article Tools + Syndication provides the website with these services:
- Share articles using Print, Email, Post, and Republish links supported by advertising or direct payment using any credit card, PayPal, or corporate accounts.
- Syndicate articles to other blogs and websites on a cpm basis.
- Source articles from other publishers and earn a share of the secondary licensing revenue.
- Promote articles using iCopyright's Clip&Copy press monitoring service.
- Track where your articles appear on the Web using iCopyright's exclusive Discovery service.

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    Sentinel Cloud - SafeNet, Inc. - SRM Group

    Sentinel Cloud Services makes it quick and easy for SaaS providers to build versatile service catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure service usage, and adapt their service offerings.

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    Cinavia - Verance Corporation

    Cinavia is the standard of protection for filmed entertainment. It has been adopted as a required element of the content protection architecture for the Blu-ray Disc format to block the consumption of pirated content and protect it throughout pre-release, theatrical and home video windows. Cinavia provides an audio watermark that is embedded into the soundtrack of feature films distributed to theaters and in any protected home video format, including DVD, Blu-ray Disc, digital and VOD. The Cinavia watermark is inaudible yet persists even after the content has been captured via camcorder, stripped of DRM and burned to physical media or redistributed via P2P sites. Detectors integrated into consumer devices screen content during playback and copying, blocking use of pirated versions of watermarked titles on the device.

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