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Best Virtual School Solution for Students

Recognizes the educational solution that best delivers courses or degree programs online. Can be designed for tutoring, self-paced digital instruction, home-schooling, advance placement course work, credit recovery, additional instructional support, personalized learning environments, or college credit and targets the K-12 or postsecondary markets.

Adaptive Curriculum - Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum is a web-based, concept mastery solution that helps students in grades 6-12 develop deep understanding in math and science, which builds confidence and drives improved achievement.

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    BrainHoney LMS - Agilix Labs, Inc

    The BrainHoney Learning Platform powers innovative education solutions:

    - Off The Shelf: Any school, district, university or state can easily launch a new or enhance an existing, blended, fully virtual or IIS program. Create a best of breeds solution using your own resources, free online content along with licensed courses from our extensive network of publishing partners.

    - Custom Applications: Leverage our open API, modular components and scalable architecture to customize your solution to meet your specific needs.

    - Publisher Tools: We have a powerful suite of publishing features that support sharing and managing digital assets as well as ways to offer unique solutions that set you apart in the market.

    You have an innovative education model, we have the platform to support it.

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    ClassLink LaunchPad Instructional Desktop - ClassLink, Inc.

    ClassLink LaunchPad Instructional Desktop, a cloud-based learning desktop that delivers a course-centered, online learning experience; easy to use and ideal for blended learning initiatives.

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    Virtual Classroom - E2020, Inc.

    The e2020 Virtual Classroom is an engaging learning environment that includes state- and Common Core- aligned online courses in all core subjects and general and career electives for grades 6-12.

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    vCourses by PLATO Learning - PLATO Learning, Inc.

    As today's learning environment continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, you need to know that the education resources you use are not just new or technologically advanced. You need to know that they are effective. And that is especially true when it comes to curriculum.

    PLATO Learning curriculum has always been rigorous, research-based, and pedagogically sound. Its effectiveness has been consistently proven with third-party efficacy studies. With vCourses, we’ve taken that same proven curriculum and optimized it for virtual programs. That means a virtual program that not only can be implemented quickly and efficiently, but one that you can be confident is effective and will result in student achievement.

    Course effectiveness is in part a result of engagement. vCourses feature media-rich interactions that are not only frequent – every three to five screens– but relevant and meaningful too. This ensures that learners become engaged – and stay engaged. With PLATO vCourses you have everything you need to create a true 21st century learning environment and to deliver effective virtual courses to your students.

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