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Best Cloud Platform

Recognizes the best cloud platform that increases the speed of development of cloud applications, reduces cost of development, automates deployment, and provides flexibility and scalability.

Apprenda - v2.5 - Apprenda

Apprenda is an Open Platform as a Service (PaaS) stack that enables any organization to transform existing infrastructure into a self-service cloud application platform. By decoupling applications from infrastructure and developers from IT, Apprenda empowers organizations to achieve significant cost savings, and massive productivity improvements resulting in better business/IT alignment.

Apprenda makes PaaS a reality for even the most mission critical applications and workloads, focusing on helping companies leverage their vast amounts of .NET code and existing Windows infrastructure by offering a “plug-and-play” self-service .NET cloud platform approach. Apprenda can be deployed on public or private infrastructure, providing flexibility and freedom from lock-in and tremendous increases in developer productivity, infrastructure utilization, and agility in the management of.NET, SQL Server, and IIS-based apps. Apprenda provides a self-service utility model that allows users to upload compiled code and in a click, “publish” it. Developers can deploy apps in minutes rather than weeks or months, while IT can maintain control and consistency of service.

The Apprenda platform is the only installable PaaS that is proven and in use by organizations like Symantec, Honeywell, and other substantial enterprises. Companies who have deployed Apprenda see increased agility, reduced complexity resulting in faster time to market.

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    Aspera On-Demand - Aspera Inc.

    Aspera On-Demand allows users to fully realize the scalability and cost savings offered by cloud services. It offers the fastest and most secure way to move file data in and out of the cloud.

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  • MaaS360 - Fiberlink Communications

    Best Cloud Platform Finalist

    MaaS360 is built on a secure multi-tenant architecture delivering TruSaaS for mobility.

    - Instant service turn-up from www.maas360.com
    - Trusted with FISMA Certification and SOC-2 compliance
    - Integrates with existing infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments
    - Automatic high availability and disaster recovery
    - Continuous maintenance and ongoing technology updates
    - App Cloud and Doc Cloud for online hosting

    Best Mobile Operations Management Solution Finalist

    MaaS360 delivers comprehensive enterprise mobility management capabilities.

    Over-the-air (OTA) device configuration management
    - Security policy enforcement such as passcode and device encryption
    - Remote actions such as full and selective wipe, device lock and passcode reset
    - Privacy settings for protection of personally identifiable information
    - Identification and restriction of jailbroken and rooted devices
    - Real-time alerting for out-of-compliance devices
    - Mobile application management and document distribution
    - Monitor and track mobile data and application usage

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    SuiteCloud Platform - NetSuite, Inc.

    Username / password: netsuitePlatform1@codie.com /net123

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  • ServiceMesh's Agility Platform - ServiceMesh

    ServiceMesh provides an enterprise cloud platform enabling Global 2000 clients to implement cloud-based “everything-as-a-service” IT delivery models that span internal & external IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

    Customers use the Agility Platform to automate the plan, build, share, and run lifecycle of cloud-based services with the security, governance, transparency, identity management, and policy control required by large enterprises. Some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies in financial services, health care, and other IT-intensive industries rely on ServiceMesh to realize quantum improvements in business agility, lower operating costs, and to enable new business and economic models that support their strategic business initiatives.

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