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Best Collaboration/Social Networking Solution

Recognizes the best application for facilitating group interaction via the Internet. Includes groupware, real-time conferencing, social networking applications and other services that allow for collaboration over the Web. This category also includes digital communities.

Adobe Connect - Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Connect is an enterprise web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning, and webinars used by leading corporations and government agencies.

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    GlobalEnglish Bloom - GlobalEnglish Corporation

    GlobalEnglish Bloom(TM) is a secure online collaboration platform with robust social capabilities optimized for global business communication in English. Non-native and native English speaking global employees use GlobalEnglish Bloom to improve the speed and quality of their English-based work through real time collaboration and social learning features. Features include:

    • Individual professional support
    Create and upload content—written, video and audio—receive feedback, ask and answer questions and find experts.

    • Peer-to-peer collaboration
    Collaborate on improving English-based business deliverables with a number of rich features, such as the “Make a Suggestion” tool that lets the author leverage broad input from peers.

    • Embedded expertise
    Access multimedia-rich content, such as tutorials, writing samples and quizzes, to gain specific skills and practice Business English.

    • Company expertise
    Create and upload tutorials around company specific content, such as company policies, training materials and CEO presentations, to provide consistent messaging and information across all geographies.

    Learn more about GlobalEnglish Bloom here: http://www.globalenglish.com/whatwedo/products/globalenglish_bloom

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    Google Apps for Government - Google, Inc.

    Google Apps for Government is a suite of web-based applications for email & collaboration exclusively for U.S. federal, state & local government agencies.

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    Gust - Gust

    Gust is a flexible, secure platform that provides investors & entrepreneurs with everything needed to connect and collaborate on funding decisions, and succeed – from pitch to exit.

    Investors on Gust can find new investment opportunities, connect with entrepreneurs, and manage their deal flow. Entrepreneurs can find the right investors and manage all their investor relationships, in one place.

    Gust is the official platform of over 750 angel groups and venture funds worldwide, and is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

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    Mindjet Connect - Mindjet

    Mindjet Connect is a cloud-based service that helps groups share and co-edit files, including interactive information maps that help people visualize and communicate ideas, information and projects.

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    SAP StreamWork - SAP AG

    SAP StreamWork is a collaborative decision-making solution that brings together the people, information, and proven business approaches to drive fast, meaningful results.

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