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Best Content Management Solution

Recognizes the best software or platform that enables the creation, management and modification of information on the web, intranet, or other information resource. Includes content creation, categorization, workflow, publishing and delivery tools.

Socialite Engage - Actiance

A social media engagement platform, enabling the distribution of both approved and self-created content, the management of social connections, and the measurement of the results from content sharing.

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    Adobe Web Experience Management solution - Adobe Systems, Inc.

    Adobe’s Web Experience Management solution lets enterprises optimize their digital channels to deliver personalized content that leads to increased conversion rates and brand engagement.

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    iAPPS Content Manager - Bridgeline Digital

    iAPPS Content Manager provides marketers an easy to use interface for managing their online content. Marketers are empowered to own site content, providing visitors an experience they will share.

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  • Ingeniux CMS 7.5 - Ingeniux

    Ingeniux CMS 7.5 changes the way you think about web CMS. Deliver content anywhere, in any format - from dynamic websites to touch-based mobile sites and apps. Ingeniux delivers Post-PC Web CMS.

    2012 marks the 5th time Ingeniux CMS has been selected as a finalist in the SIIA CODiE Awards for Best Content Management Solution. Ingeniux CMS 7.5 delivers over 100 new and updated features that provide a complete solution for managing the modern web.

    Ingeniux CMS is available on-premise or in the Ingeniux Cloud as a software service. Ingeniux CMS is used by Workday, LPL Financial, GE, Amadeus, Illumina, Matrix Direct, MICA, the US Army, and many other leading organizations.

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    LP Marketer - LivePerson, Inc.

    LP Marketer offers a powerful combination of advanced visitor intelligence, real-time traffic segmentation capabilities and user-friendly campaign-building tools. Business users can design and deploy highly targeted campaigns directly on their sites, greatly reducing or eliminating reliance upon internal IT resources. This enables a customized and compelling online experience for each visitor that can increase satisfaction and loyalty, and dramatically improve conversion rates and transaction values.

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    Percussion CM1 Version 2 - Percussion Software

    Percussion CM1 Version 2 is the industry’s first pure web content management (WCM) product providing users with full WCM functionality delivered as an easily upgradeable product in a cost-effective package.

    Percussion’s CM1 Version 2 represents a breakthrough in WCM. Traditional WCM "products" are in fact technology platforms on which the customer or a third-party services firm must build their own custom WCM application. Percussion CM1 Version 2 is different. Percussion productizes the actual WCM application itself, enabling rapid deployment of sites and web channels through pre-built Widgets and Gadgets. This enables organizations to eliminate the reliance on costly third-party consulting services firms to build these core features during the initial roll out, and for the ongoing deployment of new features and upgrades. Its significant advances in user-interface design make it possible for users to take control of their WCM initiatives while maintaining the flexibility to address “What’s Next” on the web.

    Through its unique drag-and-drop interface, CM1 Version 2 enables users to create, launch, and maintain sophisticated web sites with unmatched simplicity and at lower cost. Users can easily make any kind of edit or change—such as creating new templates, modifying page layouts, integrating social content, or embedding third-party web applications.

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