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Best Human Capital Management Solution

Recognizes the best software solution that automates any aspect of human resources management including HRIS, benefits administration, recruiting, payroll, and performance appraisal.

Monaco Summer 2011 - Callidus Software

Monaco is a comprehensive sales performance solution, from sales selection, to onboarding, to goal management, to incentives and rewards, to coaching and development, enabling superior sales execution

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  • Epicor Human Capital Management - Epicor Software Corporation

    Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) is a comprehensive human resource information system (HRIS) that allows you to track, manage and analyze all your employee data from application to retirement.

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    Talent Acquisition Platform - Forte HCM Inc

    An On-Demand platform for optimizing talent acquisition through highly sensitive parameter-based selection process. Our integrated resource selection product lets clients hire objectively, mine talent intelligence, utilize expert network, improve quality of hire and improve ROI.

    ForteHCM delivers value by enabling organizations to make informed hiring decisions. Value is delivered through innovative patent-pending talent management technology. Our product suite consists of tools for candidate Sourcing and Assessment. The Sourcing Tool provides an integrated platform for organizations to perform both sourcing and screening. This is accomplished by using proprietary algorithms across multiple sources to obtain standardized, ranked and informative results, in a user friendly front-end interface. The Assessment engine consists of Test and Interview tools. The assessment engine provides organizations a multitude of features, including; detailed performance data, cross customization, performance reporting across multiple tests through granular scoring, cyber-proctoring, selective grading, weighted scoring and much more.

    # Top and bottom line performance boost.
    # Significant improvements in both the quality and Time-to-Hire.
    # Risk mitigation associated with hiring process.
    # Complete visibility to internal resource capabilities.
    # Qualified talent pool.
    # Improved operational metrics

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    CODiE Winner 
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    IQNavigator.com - IQNavigator, Inc.

    IQNavigator is the proven leader in services procurement solutions to help global enterprises better manage all types of procured services and their non-employee workforces around the world.

    IQNavigator’s multi-tenant SaaS Vendor Management Software (VMS) processes tens of billions of dollars in yearly services spend for clients. Our VMS automates the entire lifecycle of the non-employee workforce -- enabling hiring managers, category owners, MSPs and suppliers to better manage contractors, consultants, temporary workers, independent contractors and outsourcers.

    Our VMS enables clients to intelligently manage and optimize the cost-effectiveness, compliance, visibility and efficiency of complex services procurement and contingent workforce programs. Also, clients tell us we are the best at implementations, integrations and global capabilities...

    Our purpose built VMS was an industry first and we continue to lead in R&D, dedicating at least 25% of revenue to invest in innovations. Our VMS effectively incorporates 3 key systems -- Procurement, HR & Finance -- and provides an automatic integration of all capabilities needed to better manage the extended workforce.

    - 360 employees
    - 28% software revenue growth in 2011
    - Localized in 40 countries & 13 languages

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    SilkRoad RedCarpet - SilkRoad technology

    RedCarpet simplifies the process of onboarding new employees. As well, it helps will all employee life events such as crossboarding, offboarding, leaves of absence and more.

    RedCarpet eliminates the need for fragmented paper-based systems and integrates with most the HR applications your company currently uses.

    HR Onboarding Management Software is an Investment that Pays:

    A few facts about onboarding management:
    -An HR onboarding management system yields average company savings of $800 per new employee.
    -Organizations with a formal onboarding process receive 60% greater year-over-year improvement in revenue per full-time employee.
    -With automated workflows, HR staff can drastically improve productivity as much as 30%.

    Increase HR Staff Efficiency with RedCarpet Onboarding Management Software

    RedCarpet is intuitive and easy to use. The cloud-based HR employee onboarding software helps HR staff quickly improve productivity.
    -Go Paperless. With electronic form capabilities, HR teams can eliminate the extra paper associated with administrative responsibilities, reducing costs.
    -Increase Day One Readiness. Research shows that early engagement in the crucial first 60 to 90 days improves employee retention. Custom employee pages and administrative workflows engage employees from day one.
    -Reduce Legal Risks. Make sure no employee runs afoul of I9 or other regulations through a certified U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Employer Agent with complete E-Verify transaction processing.

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    Tracker I-9 - Tracker Corp

    Tracker I-9 provides an electronic, error-preventing process for completing the Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification. It integrates with E-Verify & automates virtually all I-9 and E-Verify tasks, batch submission, email alerts and customizable reports. Instantly checking for I-9 form errors and signaling them as the user types, it prevents all 40 possible errors on the I-9 that software can avert—including over-documentation in Section 2 by automatically showing only the ID documents applicable to selected status. An at-a-glance dashboard calls attention to urgent compliance risks and simplifies workflow with one-click access to daily to-dos. This eliminates missed deadlines by automatically identifying required signatures, re-verification or other issues including tentative non-confirmations (TNCs). With single sign-on, Tracker integrates seamlessly in real time with HRIS, payroll, onboarding, or other employee record systems, pre-filling most of the data on the I-9. Security and privacy are maximized by encrypting and storing Form I-9 data in a physically separate database for each customer and requiring complex passwords. Tracker even enables remote hiring by sending new employees a secure link to a 2D glyph-coded I-9 form that a notary can sign and fax back to become part of the employee's electronic record.

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