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Best Mobile Operations Management Solution

Recognizes the best business application designed for use on mobile devices to manage any or various enterprise operations, including financial, human capital, IT, sales, marketing, project management, data/information management, supply chain management, etc.

Mobile Device and Security Management (MDM) - Amtel

Amtel Mobile Device Management provides Expense Management, Security Management, and Life-Cycle management for corporate and BYOD mobile devices

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    MaaS360 - Fiberlink Communications

    Best Cloud Platform Finalist

    MaaS360 is built on a secure multi-tenant architecture delivering TruSaaS for mobility.

    - Instant service turn-up from www.maas360.com
    - Trusted with FISMA Certification and SOC-2 compliance
    - Integrates with existing infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments
    - Automatic high availability and disaster recovery
    - Continuous maintenance and ongoing technology updates
    - App Cloud and Doc Cloud for online hosting

    Best Mobile Operations Management Solution Finalist

    MaaS360 delivers comprehensive enterprise mobility management capabilities.

    Over-the-air (OTA) device configuration management
    - Security policy enforcement such as passcode and device encryption
    - Remote actions such as full and selective wipe, device lock and passcode reset
    - Privacy settings for protection of personally identifiable information
    - Identification and restriction of jailbroken and rooted devices
    - Real-time alerting for out-of-compliance devices
    - Mobile application management and document distribution
    - Monitor and track mobile data and application usage

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    Good for Enterprise - Good Technology

    Good for Enterprise is a suite of productivity and management tools providing mobile security to enterprises and their workforces and supporting mobile collaboration, whether on a personal or company-owned device. The application protects all data, applications, and services employers and employees need to access. This security architecture currently works on a large variety of popular hand-held devices, including iOS and Android.

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    CODiE Winner

    Tableau 6.1 - Tableau Software

    Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Ranked by Gartner in 2011 as the world's fastest growing business intelligence company, Tableau helps anyone quickly and easily analyze, visualize and share information. More than 6,500 customers across most industries get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. Tens of thousands of people use Tableau to share data in their blogs and websites.

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  • Telogis Mobile - Telogis

    Telogis Mobile Overview
    The Telogis Mobile solution provides organizations with real time HOS and DVIR compliancy reporting, dynamic job management, and instantaneous driver safety metrics. Telogis Mobile works seamlessly with the entire Telogis Platform including; Telogis Fleet, Telogis Route, and Telogis Progression. Ensure your organization complies with existing State and Federal Regulations through a electronic driver solution that is simple for drivers, and powerful for administrators.

    Value – Real Time SAFETY and COMPLIANCY
    Complies With Federal Regulations, Safe Carrier Practices, Reduced Driver Distraction, Electronic/Wireless Solution Replacing Paper-Based (Incredibly Difficult to Admin)
    Electronic/Real Time Logging of HOS driver logs (including historical logs required by DOT)
    Electronic Real Time DVIR Pre/Post Vehicle Safety Inspection
    IFTA Data (miles by state, by vehicle, by date range)
    Electronic Signature Capturing
    NEW - Visual/Audio Warning of 14 Hour, 60/70 Hour Violations
    NEW - Lock Out Driver Log Edits
    NEW – Mechanic View – Driver inspections resulting in defects are immediately alerted to mechanic. Mechanic has independent admin view, and can electronic update vehicle repairs.
    NEW – 3rd Signature – Regulation requiring “next driver” to confirm defect repair applies digital signature to FMCSA required form.
    NEW – Blackout Screen for Reduced Driver Distraction when vehicle is in motion.

    Value –

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    UpToDate for iPhone - Wolters Kluwer Health

    UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical knowledge system which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions. UpToDate's mobile technology for iPhone creates a new and revolutionary clinical workflow that enables clinicians to stay engaged with patients while still having critical information available to them whenever - and wherever they need it. Clinicians can search UpToDate's extensive clinical content for answers they need without having to leave the patient's side. UpToDate covers more than 9,000 topics in 19 medical specialties, which clinicians can access via the Web, desktop and now iPhone. Other features include patient information, drug topics, clinical calculators, auto-complete search, bookmarks, “What's New,” “Practice Changing UpDates” an easy-to-use user interface and CME accrual, among others. The UpToDate iPhone app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch interfaces.

    UpToDate's over 4,800 world-renowned physician authors, editors and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality. More than 450,000 clinicians worldwide rely on UpToDate, and more than 30 research studies confirm UpToDate's widespread usage and association with improved patient care and hospital performance, including reduced length of stay, adverse complications and mortality.

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