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Best Software Development Solution

Recognizes the best tool or resource for designing, creating or testing software. Includes programming language, toolkits, diagnostic programs, IDE, applet and plug-in development tools, database development programs, etc.

Komodo IDE - ActiveState

Komodo IDE is a professional integrated development environment that supports multiple platforms and languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Perl, HTML 5 and CSS.

Editing features include multi-language syntax checking, code intelligence that helps guide you as you code (auto-complete and calltips), and customizable keybindings (Vi and Emacs emulation).

Debugging runs locally or remotely for PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Tcl and Node.js. You can set breakpoints in the buffer and watch variables to track down bugs faster.

Additional features include source code control integration (for SVN, Git, Mercurial and others), a database explorer, an HTTP inspector, and the RX Toolkit for debugging regular expressions in various languages.

Komodo IDE has an intuitive user interface, with a Projects and Places sidebar that lets you browse local and remote source trees, organize them into projects, and save project specific settings.

Built on the Mozilla framework, Komodo IDE has unmatched cross-platform functionality and Firefox-style extensibility, with over 100 add-ons currently available.

The latest release adds a deployment interface for Stackato and Cloud Foundry, real-time multi-user collaborative editing, and support for Node.js, CoffeeScript, LESS, SCSS, EJS and Mojolicious.

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    CollabNet TeamForge 6.1 - CollabNet

    TeamForge 6.1 is an enterprise platform for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), for any technology stack and development process. It enables the adoption of Agile methods across large enterprises.

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  • Coverity Static Analysis 5.5 - Coverity, Inc.

    Coverity® Static Analysis, a critical piece of the Coverity development testing platform, helps developers find hard-to-spot, yet potentially crash-causing defects early in the software development lifecycle. Coverity 5.5 makes development testing a seamless part of the development process, so developers can focus on innovation and deliver high quality products on schedule and on budget.

    Key features in Coverity 5.5 include:

    Enhanced Analysis Speed and Test Coverage: Experience up to 10x analysis speed improvements to find and fix critical defects as early as possible. Over 20 new or enhanced checkers deliver even greater accuracy of results.

    FindBugsâ„¢ Integration for Enhanced Java Analysis: Get more value out of FindBugs with a version specifically configured for use and included with Coverity 5.5. With no extra installation or configuration required, developers can review, prioritize and fix FindBugs and Coverity-found defects in a single workflow.

    Jenkins Continuous Integration Server Integration: Automatically test code for defects with every build as part of an Agile development workflow.

    Developer Workflow Integration: Find, verify, and fix code defects directly within the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE with an enhanced desktop analysis plug-in.

    Enterprise Deployment: Support cross-team and project deployment by integrating third party static analysis tools into the Coverity workflow.

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    HP Fortify Software Security Center - Fortify Software, Inc.

    HP Fortify Software Security Center is a comprehensive suite for eliminating the security risk in software, by accurately and rapidly identifying, removing and preventing security vulnerabilities duri

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  • Agile Platform 6.0 - OutSystems

    Agile Platform 6.0 was designed to improve the speed and efficiency of application development in the cloud or on-premise and seamlessly integrates development across multiple devices.

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