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Best Governance, Risk & Compliance Information Solution

Recognizes the solution that best utilizes a broad range of information in the public domain or generated by governments or government-funded research to generate GRC solutions. Particular emphasis should be placed on ways this information is enhanced by nominees.

Bloomberg Government (BGOV) - Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government is the single source for professionals who need to understand the business impacts of government actions so they can work quickly, decisively and effectively. This comprehensive, subscription-based, online tool collects best-in-class data, provides high-end analysis and analytic tools, and delivers deep, reliable, timely and unbiased reporting from a team of more than 2,300 journalists and multimedia specialists worldwide. It also offers news aggregated from thousands of the most trusted news sources from around the globe.

Our dedicated editorial teams include award-winning editors and reporters along with former congressional staffers, regulatory officials, industry veterans, economists, and financial analysts, working to cover key industry sectors (including health care, energy, defense, finance, transportation, and tech/telecom) and cross-cutting areas such as trade, taxation, and labor. By linking the reporting and analysis of our teams to a fully customizable console of tools and resources, Bloomberg Government helps everyone from Congressional staffers and C-Suite executives, to government affairs professionals and sales executives do their jobs better.

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    Dow Jones Risk & Compliance - Dow Jones & Company

    The global movement to prevent corrupt practices in business has moved anti-corruption compliance onto the boardroom agenda. To meet regulation such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Bribery Act (UK) corporations must assess, evaluate and monitor potential corruption risk within their organization's extensive business network of suppliers, sales agents, consultants and other third-parties.

    In a tough economic environment this is a significant challenge as multi-national organizations are likely to have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of relationships scattered across the globe.

    The Anti-Corruption Portal from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, launched in October 2012, provides a brand new approach to managing third-party risk. The Portal combines targeted risk identification data with a powerful workflow application allowing customers to:

    Quickly and cost-effectively identify regulatory, business or reputation risk before entering into new relationships

    Be proactively alerted to new and emerging risks within existing third-party relationships

    Implement best-practice compliance procedures without dramatically increasing compliance workload

    The Dow Jones Anti-Corruption Portal is accessed via the Web meaning there are no expensive, time-consuming integration costs. Customers can very quickly implement high standards of compliance globally, increase the productivity of their existing resources and dramatically reduce exposure to regulatory and reputational risk.

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    ARC Logics - Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

    ARC Logics is a unique GRC solution for financial organizations powered by Wolters Kluwer Financial Services' regulatory intelligence and deep industry expertise. Unlike other GRC solutions available to financial organizations, ARC Logics comes already infused with actionable regulatory content. This allows organizations to immediately begin monitoring, measuring and managing compliance, financial and operational risks, as well as the audit function, transparently and holistically across their enterprises. In essence, ARC Logics is a complete, pre-built GRC solution versus a simple technology application that financial organizations must determine how to populate with their own content before it can work.

    ARC Logics provides organizations with a modular approach to GRC that enables them to fulfill their immediate objectives in a targeted, cost-effective manner while allowing for expanded future usage on the same platform. By utilizing ARC Logics' modules, organizations can implement effective policies, procedures and risk limits; conduct testing to monitor compliance and measure risk; quantify capital-centered risks; evaluate and track risks across sectors, product lines, and locations; provide transparency into risk to senior management and board members; and develop comprehensive internal controls. All of this empowers GRC professionals to quickly make smart decisions with confidence in rapidly changing business and regulatory environments.

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