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Best Online Science or Technology Service

Recognizes the best online service providing access to data, information, or news in fields such as astronautics, biology, chemical research or processing, computer and software development, engineering, environmental science, geophysics, medicine/diagnosis/surgical/patient care, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, patents and trademarks, and physics. Sources could include journals, technical papers and reports, data collections, records, trends, news, standards and specifications.
Note: Medical Products often covered within STM are covered under a separate category.

SciVal Spotlight - Elsevier BV

SciVal Spotlight is a customized web-based tool that enables your institution or country to evaluate, establish, and execute its research performance and make informed strategic decisions.

Providing an integrated and interdisciplinary view of unique research strengths and vulnerabilities, SciVal Spotlight helps provide answers to questions such as:

1. What are the research strengths of my institution, country, or competitors?
2. Do my peers or competing institutions have the research strengths in our area of expertise?
3. Are we aware of our emerging research strengths for future capitalization?

1. Can we see the effectiveness of our past strategic decisions, so we can establish new strategy?
2. How should we best maintain, focus, or withdraw to adjust our focus?

1. Which researchers should we consider recruiting, and which should we be sure to retain?
2. Who are our existing and potential collaborators worldwide?
3. How can we make informed decisions to allocate limited internal funding?
4. Which research areas contribute to national and international strengths, with stronger chances of attaining grants?

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    pubget.com - Pubget, Inc.

    Pubget is the search engine for life science PDFs. It's the first cloud base service to combine search, authentication and retrieval of scientific content irrespective of the publisher source.

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    Bibliogo - Reprints Desk, Inc.

    Bibliogo is the journal article web app that simplifies scientific research and medical marketing by helping users to do more with articles.

    Designed to meet enterprise security and privacy needs, Bibliogo is a productivity tool that optimizes alerting, curation, access and collaboration around scientific papers.

    Think of it like a mashup for everything you want to do with articles. It combines aspects from personalized RSS-readers and alerting services, bibliographic reference management software, daily deal websites for clinical reprints, and document delivery management systems.

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    Safari Books Online - Safari Books Online

    Safari Books Online is a subscription-based digital resource and learning library with over 18,000 books, videos and articles written by thought-leaders in technology, business and digital media.

    IT experts, software developers and engineers, Web designers, business and creative professionals, entrepreneurs and hobbyists use the library to learn new skills and enhance existing competencies, do research, solve problems, study for certification exams and more.

    Safari Books Online gives subscribers on-demand access to thousands of learning resources including books, videos, code snippets and practice exams in one, easy-to-use destination. Our combination of vetted, up-to-date content from the world's most well-known publishers, and our powerful platform tools, enable subscribers to quickly find, organize, manage, share and apply the information they find in the library. And, with Safari Books Online's mobile optimized web site and its iPad app (Safari To Go), subscribers can search the library, read books, watch videos and save information from their mobile devices whenever they like.

    Safari Books Online offers a range of business-to-business product mixes and pricing programs for every organization, business-to-consumer options for individual users, as well as government, public and academic libraries.

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