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How It Works

CODiE Awards Timeline

Nomination Period August 8-October 7 August 8-October 14
Extended Nomination Period
(nomination fees increase)
October 15-October 28
Cancellation Deadline September 23 September 30
First Round Review October 11-November 25 November 21-February 10
Judge Assignments Sent October 3-14 November 7-21
Products & Recorded Demos
due to Judges
October 28 January 20
Live Demos scheduled
(if applicable)
October 28 January 20
Live Demos completed
(if applicable)
November 18 February 3
Evaluations completed November 25 March 12
Finalists Announced December 1 March 19
Member Voting December 5-December 23 March 26-April 13
Winners Announced Information Industry Summit,
January 24, 2012, New York, NY
Ed Tech Industry Summit,
May 7, 2012, San Francisco, CA

All About the Cloud,
May 10, 2012, San Francisco, CA

Nomination Period

  Nominees complete the CODiE Awards Nomination Form

Nominations in content categories are due by October 7.

Software & education category nominations are due by October 14, but the deadline will be extended to October 28 for an additional fee.


First Round Review of Nominated Products

Between October 3-14 (content categories) and November 7-21 (software and education categories) nominees will receive information on the judges assigned to review their products.

Nominating companies are required to provide judges with:

Once a judge completes examinations of the assigned products, s/he will be tasked with completing a scoring survey that has been based on a set of category-specific criteria developed by SIIA. After all judges have completed scoring for a product, the average score is calculated and used as the basis for qualification as a finalist.


Announcement of Finalists

Finalists are selected based on the scores from the review phase. The number of finalists selected is dependent upon the total number of nominees within a category. The selection is based on the following scale:

5 total nominations in a category = 3 finalists
6-10 total nominations in a category = 4 finalists
11-15 total nominations in a category = 5 finalists
16-20 total nominations in a category = 6 finalists
21-25 total nominations in a category = 7 finalists
26-30 total nominations in a category = 8 finalists
31-35 total nominations in a category = 9 finalists
36-40 total nominations in a category = 10 finalists

Member Voting

Once finalists are announced, SIIA members are tasked with reviewing the products and voting on what they believe is the best product in each category. Member voting counts for 20 percent of a nominated product’s overall score in the selection of winners; scores carried over from the first round review process accounts for the remaining 80 percent.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced at a special CODiE Awards dinner during one of three conferences: