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View the 2-Minute Demo on LexisNexis Client Center Collaboration Portals Dramatically Leveling the Playing Field for Small Law Firms.

The American Bar Associations' "2011 Legal Technology Survey" indicated that, while 72 percent of law firms with 500 or more attorneys use extranets to service clients, only 6.4 percent of smaller firms do the same.

Client Center is closing this gap with a legal-industry-specific solution that industry-agnostic cloud products such as DropBox and YouSendIt simply cannot match. Though DropBox gained 15 million new users last year, state bars have cautioned attorneys on the use of broad based, consumer-oriented cloud data sites, concerned they don't offer the security to protect attorney client privileged information.

Client Center now empowers every firm, of any size, to offer their clients convenient access to a highly functional, secure and scalable portal.

On top of that, Client Center goes far beyond the basic document sharing of DropBox, offering a rich set of collaborative features, such as calendaring, contact management, tasks, and more.

View the demo and learn how Client Center's simple, elegant interface, customized to match the design of the attorney's website, is truly a game changer in the legal industry.

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