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Best Lead Generation Solution

Recognizes the Best Lead Generation solution which serves to generate leads for businesses by providing compelling information via online/web, mobile/apps or social media content to consumers or business professionals. Nominees may submit solutions that are aimed at generating either B2B or B2C leads and can include services geared for specific communities and verticals.

HubSpot 3 - HubSpot, Inc.

HubSpot provides all-in-one marketing software that helps nearly 8,000 companies in 46 countries attract leads and adapt to their needs over time. Built out of a philosophy of inbound marketing, the software enables companies to prioritize useful, search-friendly content over advertising and relevant, personalized communications over spam.

From the top of the marketing-sales funnel to the bottom, applications in the platform include tools for SEO, social media, blogging, website management, landing page creation and testing, prospect and lead intelligence, lead management, email marketing, marketing automation, dynamic content and integrated marketing analytics. Having one integrated platform enables more than just simplicity, it makes marketing incredibly powerful.

HubSpot provides a 360-degree-view into the interests and experiences of each of your prospects, leads and customers. This segmentation not only helps sales and marketing intelligence, it also enables you to personalize an individual contact's entire experience with your company, from the emails they receive to the images they see on your homepage.

HubSpot's goal is to empower companies of all sizes to make the kind of relevant, personalized marketing that people can love. The software is backed by continuing education and free tools to help marketers excel in their field. Learn more at http://www.HubSpot.com.

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    salesPRISM - Lattice Engines

    salesPRISM is the world's first Big Data platform for BtoB sales. salesPRISM is unique in that it is able to cull the vast amounts of data stored in external sources (e.g., Experian, LexisNexis, public records and social media) and internal databases to deliver insight that drives marketing campaigns, sales opportunities and ultimately revenue. Historical data and external trigger points of what and when consumers will buy is integrated with powerful predictive analytics - built on advanced mathematical algorithms - to provide specific insights for sales, empowering them make the most intelligent choices and maximize productivity. The platform, which provides one of the earliest practical applications for Big Data, delivers targeted leads along with context to improve the sales effectiveness of an organization.

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    CODiE Winner

    NetProspex B2B Data Services - NetProspex

    NetProspex drives customer acquisition by partnering with B2B marketers to deliver a suite of services around marketing contacts, cleansing, appending, and profiling analysis. From targeted prospect lists to comprehensive quality and targeting assessments, NetProspex is a data partner for B2B marketers looking to realize greater business value from their contact data.

    - 47M people changed jobs last year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    - 88% of buyers lie on a registration form. (Janrain and Blue research)
    - A business record decays at 2% each month. (NetProspex phone validation research)

    NetProspex maintains a deep database of millions of crowd-sourced business contacts verified by CleneStep technology. Only NetProspex has this proprietary 3-dimensional verification process that ensures accurate contact records. Thousands of B2B organizations rely on NetProspex to acquire and maintain clean, accurate, high-performing prospect data to fuel effective marketing campaigns.

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    ZoomInfo Pro - Zoom Information Inc.

    ZoomInfo's proprietary technologies create one-of-a-kind profiles of six million businesses and 65 million businesspeople. ZoomInfo's data engineers focus on complete data, giving customers more than basic contact information.
    Technologies include:

    24/7 data extracting: ZoomInfo's patented technologies examine 100,000 business-related Web sites daily, extracting relevant information and integrating it into profiles.

    Continuous user contributions: ZoomInfo created an automatic process through which more than 60,000 businesspeople have contributed active, current information from their own business contacts.

    Constant verification: ZoomInfo updates more than 250,000 profiles every day and tests e-mail addresses every 90 days.

    Personal profile updates: Businesspeople make thousands of updates every day to keep their own profiles accurate.
    ZoomInfo Pro is a Web-based tool that provides access to this data. It offers:

    20+ criteria search tool: Searches can include any combination of criteria, including territory, revenues, ranking, SIC or NAICS codes, management level and even college attended and personal interests.

    Powerful keyword searches: Keyword/phrase searches target industries with no appropriate SIC or NAICS codes.

    Contact tracking: ZoomInfo Pro users can monitor profiles and receive notifications when profiles change (awards, promotions, etc.).

    Easy integration: Users of Salesforce.com can use the ZoomInfo for Salesforce app to access the ZoomInfo database from within Salesforce.com.

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